The Chicago Sun-Times reports, a Louisiana Appeals court has vacated the conviction of Mychal Bell on Friday:

A state appeals court Friday threw out the only remaining conviction against one of the black teenagers accused in the beating of a white schoolmate in the racially tense north Louisiana town of Jena.

In an interview Attorney Louis Scott explained that though initially relieved, Mychal is concerned about the Juvenile Justice system as well. His comments...

“I explained it to Mychal in football terms,” Mr. Scott said. “We started the game down by a touchdown and a field goal. On Sept. 4, we got the field goal. Today, we got the touchdown. Now, we get to start the game all over again.”

Next, it's time to fire the principal for not seeing these boys as his...and for not punishing them as per the school policy for fighting. Then, sue the District Attorney for malicious prosectuion, ie abuse of power. Finally, Judge Muffray needs to be unseated for trying this child as an adult.

*Update*(6:30pm): Mychal Bell's Defense Team Discusses the overturned conviction


Screw Marching...Give to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund!

*Update(9/17)* Mychal Bell's Attorneys File Motion to Release from Jail