Hillary Clinton Supports the Jena Six ...When It's Safe!

At the 91st Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet in Charleston, SC, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton expressed her support for the overturned conviction of the Mychal Bell and the Jena Six, respectively. Here are some of her comments from the evening's speech:

“To feel as though the clock is being turned back is unacceptable in this country,”

"There is no excuse for the way the legal system treated those young people,"

"We have to believe justice is blind in America,"

That all sounds nice Madame Candidate, but I've got to ask you: Can we expect for you to express you support for children being prosecuted illegally as adults after the outrage of the community has reached a fever's pitch and they are given relief by the courts all the time?


Okay..I feel you.

..................but I don't trust you!