Live-blogging the Jena Six Protest

11:37 am: Turn to CNN right now for coverage of the march

They are discussing the Special that CNN will broadcast tonight at 8pm - Judgement in Jena. The short clip of the show highlighted some citizens who complain that their town is getting a bad rap. They assert that they are an integrated community where everyone gets along. Also, young lady voiced the opinion that the racism is being brought to Jena from the outside.

– Regarding Mychael Bell in particular: “Coach Benjy Lewis gave two statements immediately after the school incident in which he clearly states that Justin Barker was facing him when Malcolm Shaw (not Mychal Bell) struck Barker from behind. “I saw Malcolm Shaw hit Justin Barker with his right fist to the right side of Justin’s head, right around the temple,” Lewis wrote. “Justin went down face first, knocked out . . .” Most witnesses agree that a single punch knocked Barker out cold. The only adult who witnessed the punch says Mychal Bell didn’t throw it.”

If anyone has corroborating evidence that Malcolm Shaw(not a member of Jena Six) was involved, shoot me a tip!

2:45pm: Rally in Alexandria, LA

You know the drill...speeches...Wm. Jefferson, Frankie Beverly, Sheila Jackson Lee, King III, B. King...Dick Gregory's told the story of the cockroach and the Dinosaur. Moral: You don't know your own strength!

The families awarded Al Sharpton and Michael Baisden certificates of Gratitude. They are thoughtful people.

At one point, Sharpton asked the crowd "how does it feel" to march in support of the 'Jena Six'.

*Update (9/20)* Habeas hearing has been ordered by a Louisiana Appeals Court within 72hrs. via CNN