Prosecutor says, Witness lacking in Vick probe

SURRY -- The prosecutor handling the investigation into alleged dogfighting at the Surry County home of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick says he has not heard from anyone who witnessed such activity there.

"Nobody's come forward yet to say, 'Oh yeah, I was there,'" Surry Commonwealth's Attorney Gerald Poindexter told The Times-Dispatch yesterday in an interview at his office.

Over the weekend, an unidentified informant interviewed on ESPN mentioned being with Vick when the former Virginia Tech standout entered a dog in a fight in 2000, before Vick is known to have owned property in Surry. The man, who was disguised on television, said he has not attended a dogfight at Vick's residence but that Vick has fought dogs, funded dogfighting and gambled on the illegal activity as recently as last year.