House Judiciary Committee is Holding Jena 6 Hearings Now!

Watch here on CSpan...

Attorney Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center recommended Federal intervention to promote racial reconciliation. I say outlaw the federal, state and local use of race classification usage. period.


DA Walters now says recent jailing of Mychal Bell, not due to Jena Six Case. Oh no! So what did prompt his most recent incarceration?


Professor Charles Ogletree is now testifying...

He is commenting on the criminalizaion of children. All children in America.

Remember the Super Predator Theory has been discredited. By the Author no less.

The Principal erred by underestimating the symbolism of the noose hanging. It is a terroristic threat, not youthful pranksterism. Reconciliation should have been sought immediately.

Don't know what I'm saying?

The young men should have been asked to apologize to the whole school for their disruptive act.


Now they are talking about hanging of a noose is a hate crime. Screw that hate crime stuff. IT IS A TERRORISTIC THREAT!... and I am sure their is a law for that!