The Jena Six Can Be Supported in Six Ways

1. Give Money

One of the best ways you can help these young boys defend themselves is to click on the donation button in the upper left corner of my blog and send a donation to their legal defense fund. All donations go to the They have been staunch supporters of these boys' efforts to be treated as the juveniles who got into a school fight as is obvious .

2. Blog

You can blog about how it makes you feel to witness white trees in 2007, nooses hanging from trees in 2006 and students in schoolyard fights being sent to jail and destroyed for it! What is that all about? Then you could ask your readers to respond by donating to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund. Let DA Reed explain to the best lawyers in the country how they arrived at the decision to prosecute in this case.

3. Another Way to Donate Money

Put a donation button on your website, like the one on my website and funnel your outrage in a most generous way. Just ask and I'll send you the code - it's easy. All proceeds go to the, who is a major supporter of the boys' defense.

4. Inform Your Students

Ask the students in your classrooms to research the history of the 'Jena Six'.
Then ask them to form a personal response and act on it! What a wonderful way to empower our children. The bonus: it will ultimately protect them from a immoral District Attorney who has decided that their inadvertent schoolyard fight was a criminal act.

5. Call your Congressman

and request that all laws based on the Super-predator Theory be rescinded. Then Call your state legislator and ask that your state not accept funds that encourage the prosecution of juveniles as adults until we can review this whole abuse of power plague that has descended on our children.

6. Support Juvenile Justice Organizations

The Coalition for Juvenile Justice and their partners nationwide need help in their fight against overzealous prosecution of youth with your generous financial support.