More Praise for the Citizens of Georgia

Rev. Peterson Congratulates the People of Georgia for Cynthia McKinney’s Defeat

LOS ANGELES- After the landslide defeat (59 percent to 41 percent) of Rep. Cynthia McKinney in the Democratic primary in Georgia’s 4th District this week, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a longtime critic of McKinney, released the following statement regarding McKinney’s behavior and comments during her concession speech:

“Cynthia McKinney’s actions and that of her supporters speak for themselves. McKinney is an out-of-control, cop hating, anti-Semitic, racist black female. After losing her Congressional seat, McKinney suggested the election was stolen, sang along to an Anti-President Bush song, and praised Leftist leaders in Cuba and Venezuela.

“Some in McKinney’s entourage—which included New Black Panther party members—scuffled with reporters, calling them ‘crackers’; and blamed McKinney’s loss on Israel, telling one reporter to ‘put on your yarmulke and celebrate.’ Where’s the condemnation of McKinney from the media and liberals such as we heard recently after Mel Gibson’s anti-Jewish remarks?

“Cynthia McKinney is an embarrassment to the people of Georgia and that’s why she lost her Congressional seat. Congratulations to the people in the 4th District for booting McKinney out of office. ‘I say good riddance to bad rubbish.’ It’s time we hold angry black liberal female public officials to the same standard we’re willing to impose on white conservative male private citizens.”


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I agree.