Breast-feeding Produces Confidence

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LONDON - Breast-feeding's calming effects seem to be long-lasting.

Years after being weaned, breast-fed children cope better with stressful situations like their parents' divorce than their bottle-fed peers, researchers said on Thursday.

"In children who are breast-fed, there is less of an association between parental divorce and separation and childhood anxiety," Dr Scott Montgomery, an epidemiologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said in an interview.

Breast milk is full of nutrients, hormones, enzymes, growth factors and antibodies that are passed from mother to child.


Nightfighter said…
It a sad commentary about the psychology of medicine when findings like these are treated as discoveries.

Medicine has been co-opted by public opinion...breast milk is the perfect food for newborns.
08 03 06

You are right Nightfighter! Breast milk is the way to go and they also found evidence that said babies who were breastfed are smarter than those who aren't. I have issues with those who quantify intelligence, but there may be something to that. Thanks for this cool post:)
Nightfighter said…
As's a pleasure to hear from you...I feel you on intelligence quantification...medicine has lost it's way in many areas and appears to be seeking redemption by proclaiming breastfeeding as the superior mechanism that it is, for focusing the newborn on attaining the developmental milestones necessary for maintaining life, instead of fighting disease and parasites...intelligence, inherent to the soul, can then be projected through the new body into the world.