Persistent Vegetative State: Where are the Doctors to explain?

Why are Doctors not explaining the reality of Terri Schiavo?
The reality is...Terry hasn't been with us for 15 years.

Now Doctors are explaing what PVS means,
after the whole country has been traumatized by Terri's Parents' unwillingness to let Terri go.

Update: Terri speaks without a speech center. I'm starting to feel like the parents are using all of us for Terri's bulimia(she ate and vomited), which started the problem.

Now society is blamed for Terri's eating disorder.

Update: How could Terri's Bulimia induced-Brain damage precipitate the future desolution of law and order? Read this essay and find out!

Update: The Debate: Who is Terri Schiavo?

Update(2/26): Careful people, there's more going on besides Schiavo's status... "It's a terrible, extra obstacle to put in front of a family. ... Everything is about Schiavo."


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