200 Citizens march down the streets of Augusta, GA after an assault on Augusta Policemen ends in the assailant's death. Did you say that people in Augusta, Ga are protesting because a criminal died?

Pumping fists and chanting "no justice, no peace," about 200 people marched through Cherry Tree Crossing housing development Monday in a demonstration against police brutality, led by shotgun-toting members of the New Black Panthers Party's Augusta chapter.

Check this out...a young man with a known criminal history is cornered by the Augusta police. He points his SUV at the officer and rams the police vehicle. Officers fire into the vehicle and subdue the perpetrator.

Why would you take to the streets to protest the death of a man who attempts to kill a peace officer who is performing his duty? There is and never will be honor given to those who engage in criminal behavior in America. Are you out of your mind?