In talks with fiscally conservative democrats:

Obama's outreach to the Democratic centrists is part of a broader effort by his campaign to prepare for a possible transition. A Washington-based team of government veterans, led by John Podesta, who was chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, now holds daily meetings and conference calls to outline what an Obama administration might look like. While Obama's primary focus remains beating Sen. John McCain, senior advisers said the worsening economic crisis has led the candidate to contemplate some of the most immediate challenges that await the next president, many involving Congress.

Recognizing how difficult it will be to govern with the country facing a serious recession, Obama appears to be attempting to persuade the blue dogs to work with him in launching programs necessary to stimulating the economy, protecting the American workers and harnessing the enthusiasm of the youth vote. Acknowledging they have backed themselves into a corner, Obama appears to be betting that the 'blue dog' Democrats, might accept an increase in the national debt upfront, if they are guaranteed fiscal discipline will be established once the economy is righted.