In response to McCain's decision to resort to personal attacks on Obama:

The current economic crisis demands that we understand John McCain's attitudes about economic oversight and corporate influence in federal regulation. Nothing illustrates the danger of his approach more clearly than his central role in the savings and loan scandal of the late '80s and early '90s.

John McCain was accused of improperly aiding his political patron, Charles Keating, chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. The bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee launched investigations and formally reprimanded Senator McCain for his role in the scandal -- the first such Senator to receive a major party nomination for president.

The Obama campaign will launch a documentary about McCain and the Keating 5 at noon today.

I think it fair to say that McCain is unwilling to fight the battle for the Presidency at the level of ideas. He probably knows he would lose that battle. Therefore, character assasination is the tactic of choice.

The problem is - he might want to think twice about this tactic. Obama has sworn mutually assured destruction. You throw your big bomb and I'll throw my big bomb. Stay tuned...