9:03 Can I call you Joe?

9:06 Palin tries to convince the sheep that McCain 'suspended' - wink, wink - his campaign. Whatever, Sarah. lol.

9:11 Sarah 'millionaire' Palin reveals her Joe six pack and hockey mom line.

9:15 Palin makes a pre-emptive strike at the moderater. Palin is asked to answer Biden's question about deregulation. She responds that she won't answer the questions the way that Biden, or the moderator wants.

9:20 Palin makes the excuse that she has only been a part of this election for 5 weeks and hasn't promised anything. Therefore, there are no promises that McCain has to take break. She has no idea what McCain thinks after only 5 weeks.

9:49 Biden scratches his neck as Palin attempts the 'Obama is naive to talk to our enemies' tact.

10:00 Ifill asks the what if you become the President question. I'm thinking this is kind of inappropriate! Biden says he will continue Obama's action plan. Palin says she will continue McCain's reform. Whatever!

10:21 Biden gets very emotional when talking about the lost of his wife and child. Emotional high point.

11:00 It's over Biden doesn't talk himself off the ticket. Palin stops the bleeding in the McCain campaign for now.

Program note - hairdo: business up front and party in the back. Great legs.