"From the hallways of the school to the street to the corner store and onto to public transportation, the dirty laundry is out there."

"Walk with the dirty laundry one day. Walk through high school hallways
and listen to the dirty laundry talk. MF! F! N! And, of course, that famous
university, FU! All these words are spoken with the same ease as 'pass the

"Walk with the dirty laundry outside the high school and onto the
sidewalk. Don't walk fast. In fact, just stand across the street and listen
to the language. Get your pad and pencil and jot down what you hear. Count
the number of times various expressions of profanity are used. When you get
tired of keeping track, just stop and make up a number. Oh, yes. And notice
the attitude, the violence, the grabbing of young ladies. Can you hear them
calling each other names or does the Boom Box drown out their voices? If you
can't hear them, use your eyes. What is the relationship between male and
female, male and male, female and female? Is there anger there? Do you see

"Walk with the dirty laundry to the corner store where it picks up a soft
drink and a bag of chips. What is the dirty laundry saying in the store? Is
it cursing? Is it pushing people?"

"Ride with the dirty laundry on public transportation. Pay no attention
to the people sharing a bus or subway with the dirty laundry. Obviously these
people haven't heard a thing. Nor have they seen anything. Nor have they
wondered why. These frightened people don't exist. The secret is safe with

Bill Cosby
June 7