Check this video where David Letterman rips the greatest American hero a new one for backing out of his show at the last moment...and lying.

As if Dave's excoriation of McCain in the opening monologue wasn't enough, Dave's Top Ten for last night puts, guess who?...front and center again....enjoy.

10. "I just contributed to your campaign -- how do I get a refund?"

9. "It's Sarah Palin -- does this mean I'm Pars'dent?"

8. "Can't you solve this by selling some of your homes?"

7. "Hi, this is Clay Aiken. Is McCain single?"

6. "Do you still think the fundamentals of our economy are strong, genius?"

5. "Are you doing all this just to get out of going on Letterman?"

4. "What would Matlock do?"

3. "Hillary here -- my schedule is free Friday night"

2. "Is this just an excuse to catch up on napping?"

1. "This is President Bush -- what's all this trouble with the economy?"