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The show began with some notes from the panel discussion(mentioned on friday): Focus: Empowering Our Youth....instead this was the gist of the comments...

  1. America is oppressing you
  2. Obama will disappoint you
  3. America is a sinking ship so good riddance (very uplifting)

Shelley was very upset this morning because these panel members were supposed to inspire the young people about their future in America. Instead they used this opportunity to spew hatred towards their country and sow confusion in the minds of the young in attendance. What a waste! Shelley rightly called these people out as the 'hustlers' they are.

I agree.

and people wonder why the community is not as prosperous as it should be...'many confused ideas' the reason for the community's lack of vibrancy.

confused ideas ...confused thinking...confused actions...poor results. I don't keep company with people who bash my country.


Upon returning, Shelley recommended the creation of your own rumor mill (don't hate, propagate your own rumor) ...if conservatives want to spread rumors ...give them a taste of their own medicine. appears that there is an email that's saying Obama is the anti-christ ..though this can be countered by the rumor that McCain collaborated with the enemy to get special treatment in the Hanoi Hilton.

Ouch! Everybody better stick to the issues.

*News* out of Zimbabwe.....Opposition leader,Tsvangirai, has suspended his presidential campaign and has sought asylum in the Dutch embassy...

Who is defending Mugabe?

Mugabe needs a hole in his head!

Take home...hold your local officials accountable! or they might become dictators...

**Ode to George Carlin**
(check out the videos below) especially the 7 words you can't say


local politics after the break and more on the madness from the panel discussion on empowering our youth

Today's absurd statement coming out of the mouth of otherwise sane people....

enter... Charles Steele - President, SCLC

"Why are they going after Michelle Obama more than her husband? The reason they are going after Michelle Obama is because she has more slaves' blood running through her veins."


Coz Carson joined Shelley to discuss his new show on US Talk from 1-4 daily. His show starts tomorrow.

This Week's Guests...Scott McClellan and Bob Barr...stay tuned!

Got to get the poll started by some Morehouse College Students which suggest that Markel Hutchins is ahead of John Lewis in the 5th district race for congress.(will revise).

Anybody know where I could get a copy of the report?


Good morning....

Today's topics...

James Dobson of 'Focus on the Family' criticism of Obama position on the separation of Church and State.

Mugabe....Regime Change is necessary. Maybe a strike force needs to be sent in to remove Mugabe.

Don Imus and Al Sharpton are back in the news about some allegedly rude comments Imus is accused of making about Pacman Jones...yawn!

Comments on a documentary that he saw last night about a high school in Douglas county where the kids are floundering and education is a joke.


Shelley's email address is:


Sorry...I missed today's show...I'll try to catch it in the archive and blog about it.


Topics on tap:

  • The fairness doctrine - just a legislative trick to remove conservative voices from talk radio - even though liberals voices tend to not be as commercial.
  • Supreme Court lifts gun ban in DC; refuses to allow the use of death penalty is child rape cases.
  • Ralph Nader says Obama is 'talking white' to get elected. I thought Obama was running for President to represent all the citizens of America.
  • Blacks supporting the death of other blacks in Zimbabwe because it is black country?
Shelley has invited David Scott to his broadcast tomorrow at a barbershop in District 5. He wonders if David Scott will apologize for getting him fired by suggesting that he is taking money from the Republicans.

Note: we know what party pays 'street money'. Just ask Obama what happened in Philly and what has been the practice for more than thirty years. Don't you love how the Democratic party projects it sins on the opposition and hides their bloody claws.

Obama speaks out against Mugabe. Shelley: "Robert Mugabe is a sick puppy." McCain hasn't commented about the elections in Zimbabwe.

The Debate with Chris Crock - a bomb throwing session

  • Barack is a slimy politician like any other.
  • America will be attacked if Obama is elected.
  • Obama will capitulate to the terrorists.
  • Obama has no backbone.

  • Obama is moving towards the center.
  • Liberals are now called progressives, only because Americans don't like liberals.
  • John McCain dumped his first wife after she was maimed in an accident and married a wealthy heiress. Cindy McCain is a home wrecker.

Shelley at the Barbershop....I only got to listen to the last thirty minutes....what did I miss?

Of course, David Scott didn't show up.

Candidate Rambo(Sheriff) showed up. Sounded impressive.

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