Please bring Shelley back. Derrick is HORRIBLE and very BORING for 4 hours. We're back to being victims now from 2-6. Actually I don't listen anymore during that time slot. Please bring Shelley back.

I., Atlanta

I am enraged with the decision of CBS/WAOK to remove Shelley Wynter from his show. I am even more offended by WAOK's lack of communication to his audience of his dismissal. WAOK should apologize to the Right Side audience for its lack of respect it showed to the listeners and should reinstate Mr. Wynters to his show.

J. H., Atlanta

I consider myself to be the compassionate conservative that George Bush (our country's biggest disappointment in the past 10 years) once claimed to be. As an African American with moderate conservative values, I rarely found a radio talkshow I could stand. Shelly hit just the right balance between promoting conservative values while maintaining a faithful following of countless African American liberals. Liberal hosts bore me. Conservative hosts generally carry such a tremendous level of arrogance that I can't bare to listen. Because of this balance, I RELIGIOUSLY listened to the program. Since Shelly's departure, I have not been able to listen to the station because the new wost waists my time spewing liberal gibber jabber. Shelly will GREATLY be missed. I am ONE of many listeners who has been lost for the 2-6 block, when I did 90% of my radio listening. I encourage the station to reconsider its actions, as it has lost a talent that will be EXTREMELY difficult to replace.

J.J., Atlanta

Don't worry about putting Shelly back on. I am sure he would not accept the job back anyways. Your selections of shows and ratings are declining. the few times i listen people are talking about the same boring stuff and when i have gone to events it does not seem like too many people come out.

J.K., Atlanta

I miss your voice Shelley. Cannot stand Derrick Boazman. WAOK put him back on NOW. I will start listening again if you do !!!

L., Atlanta

WAOK current line up sounds like an echo. Please bring back an alternate voice. Thanks!

R.C., Atlanta

Shelley Wynter was a breath of fresh air amongst the current WAOK line-up and added common sense, thought-provoking dialogue to those of us who enjoyed having our intellect stimulated across a variety of topics. BRING HIM BACK NOW!!!!!!!! You have placed a VOID in the hearts and ears of 10's of thousands of listeners who will abandon you and your sponsors.

G.D., Atlanta

If you support Shelley Wynter and his efforts to bring thoughtful, quality talk to radio in Atlanta, sign the petition for his reinstatement.

It will be sent to Dan Mason, President of CBS radio at the end of the month.

Thank you.

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