I wish Shelley good energy.I thought he was the best on WAOK but WAOK is known to keep those they favor while getting rid of the quality hosts.

S., Atlanta


I will miss Shelley’s show. It was nice to have a show that offered different opinions and view points from the typical African-American political show. Finally there was a show that didn’t tout the usual “victim” speech, or blame the “white racist system” for all the ills in our community. It will be really interesting to see who they get to fill the time slot on a permanent basis. If it’s someone who subscribes to the theory we’re victims, and fails to lay some of the responsibility of what happens on us, then they’ve lost a listener.

R., Atlanta


This news saddened me. Shelley had the best talk show on WAOK hands down, other hosts on that station can’t hold a candle to him. His intelligent listeners were indicative of how great that show was. I didn’t start listening to WAOK until Shelley came and I won’t be listening now.

A., Atlanta


WAOK just lost a listener. Shelley was the only intelligent host on that station. His perspective was enlightening and refreshing. I bet they get DB to replace him, which would be more of the same old, same old. More enabling the culture of victimization, less personal responsibility and accountability. I always thought Shelley was too smart for that station anyway. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. This ruins my afternoon commute as well.

E., Atlanta


I can’t believe that Shelley Wynter is off the air!! He was AWESOME and always encouraged the listeners to look at things differently instead of the same old ways that do not produce positive results for the community. WAOK has lost a listener. Best wishes Shelley and I can’t wait to find you on another radio station!

M., Atlanta


WAOK has lost another listener. Shelley was the best thing going for the station. I can’t listen to any of the other shows and the trivial things they talk about. Shelley made you think and I believe the show was definitely a step in the right direction from African American’s who have far too much victim mentality. The show will be missed. I thought the show was actually too good for such a bubble gum station with a horrible signal. I hope Shelley will find his voice again and I hope he knows he built a following out there that will follow him.

K., Atlanta


You will hear Shelley again, mark my words, whether it will be on another station in the ATL with a stronger signal (i.e. 640 a.m., 920 a.m., 750 a.m.) or on radio one. I can’t beleive WAOK let him go. What the HELL was they thinking. He was even being showcased nationally by going on CNN, which was giving WAOK more publicity. I am about done with this two bit station!!

J., Atlanta


I'm thinking about emailing the President of CBSradio some of these @ Sign the petition to REINSTATE SHELLEY and tell your friends!