Obama: Hillary Can't Bring Country Together

Obama hit the bullseye with his latest critique of Hillary Clinton likeability factor:

The Illinois senator said Clinton, the party's national front-runner, would not bring as many Republicans and independent voters to the Democratic ticket as he would because a higher percentage of Americans view Clinton negatively.

"I believe that I can much more effectively attract new voters, and Republicans that have been disillusioned with the other side, and independents who are trying to find a political home, and potentially create a working majority for change," Obama told Des Moines Register editors and reporters.

"Now what we know is that that will not happen with Senator Clinton. That's guaranteed," he added.

Every student of self promotion knows you must be known, liked and trusted to get someone's support. One out of three does not bode well for Hillary if Obama continue this tact of shining light on Hillary's liabilities.

The response from the Clinton Campaign...

"Every Democratic nominee that has been through the Republican attack machine has wound up with high negatives," Clinton campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee said. "The question is whether you have the strength and experience to handle their attacks and come out

I didn't know Obama was a Republican! What a weak response.