A Noose Outside Your Front Door is a Terroristic Threat!

A noose was found hanging from a tree on the University of Maryland campus recently:
The crudely tied noose was found hanging from a tree just outside the Nyumburu Cultural Center and the Stamp Student Union on Campus Drive, the college's main thoroughfare.

Nyumburu Associate Director Anne Reese Carswell said a student told her about the noose Sept. 6. The next day, she asked students to photograph and videotape it.

But why would someone place a noose outside this newspaper's front door?

Monique Wilson, 19, of Germantown, an English and communications major, was one of the students who contacted police. She said she believes the noose was placed in retaliation for area black college students' support of youths allegedly involved in a racially charged incident in Louisiana.
And what was the reaction of the students of the University?

Tiffany Smiling, 19, a junior from New Jersey majoring in public and community health, said she was initially frightened by the noose ...

but she believes the noose... "was hung to intimidate."

It's interesting what a desire to ensure no one is harmed and those who need the most help are assisted causes some people to do to deny justice. What the hell is everyone thinking... a noose hanging outside your front door is not a hate crime...it's a terroristic threat!

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