Joe Zawinul - Reborn September 11, 2007

I first experienced Z-a-w-i-n-u-l as my brother and I called him in 1980. I was living in Atlanta's bohemian section, little 5 points while going to college. My brother, who is nine years older and was studying law, would play Weather Report's Sweetnighter every Saturday morning to rouse us into action to perform our ritual Saturday morning clean up of our apartment.

Weather Report made the work effortless though our neighbors didn't always think so.

Check out this video of my favorite Zawinul composition - Boogie Woogie Waltz.
Thanks for the good times and vibes.

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Zawinul with Dinah Washington

*Update(9/15)* 10:33am : WRFG radio Atlanta is hosting a tribute right now to Zawinul! Don't miss it!