Burma Protest Update

They've got to go people.

With the internet and phones turned off....this is what the junta does to its people.

In case you can't recognize the object in the picture...it's the brain of a once peaceful protester.

ht: ko htike


From the Democratic Voice of Burma

Sep 28, 2007 (DVB)Army troops attempting to raid monasteries in Mandalay and Rangoon last night were forced to withdraw by local residents.

Troops approaching the monasteries backed off after seeing people from the surrounding areas armed with sticks and slingshots preparing to stop them. In Mandalay, Masoyein (Old and New), Mya Taung, Veitthudayon, Phayagyi and Dhammikarama monasteries were targeted. Residents had heard rumours of impending raids and made preparations to thwart the security forces' approach. (more)

Update(10/2): Stallone: "Burma is the foremost area of human abuse on the planet"