8 Links: RACE - The Other Science Fiction

Racial classifications do not exist

Race is a social category with no biological basis

Pseudo-science and Race

Master Race Science

Race and Reification in Science

Wikipedia: Caucasian Race

Science and Race: Justifications and Constructions

When Racial Categories Make No Sense

Understanding Race

I read somewhere that we should all do something really significant on our stay here. You know leave at least one gift to the planet before we move on. In my niece's logic, here are some articles that I came across on the net recently about the fallacy of RACE. The essay will be written. Someday.

I know I have an essay somewhere in me about it, but it appears to be germinating at this time... so instead my post for the day is my initial research. I call it 8 links...RACE - the other science fiction! Thanks for dropping by...