40,000 Protesters to Descend on Jena, Louisiana

and they are closing down the school system. Okay. Hurray..that's one for us! But how much are these protesters spending to travel in support of these young boys whose lives are on the line?

Jesse Jackson estimates that forty thousand will descend on this little hamlet with the big hammer. Would you say that each person is spending at least $100 to travel to voice their dissent to the Jena School System's mishandling of this schoolyard fight and this over the top prosecution? Not likely.

But for the sake of argument, let's say it's $100 for each person. 40,000 x $100 = ? Hmmm. Now just imagine the kind of defense these boys could mount with four million dollars.

Somehow it seems the sentiment is righteous, but the follow-thru leaves much to be desired the way I see it. And it seems the people of justice keep getting it wrong!

Furthermore, does anyone really expect District Attorney Reed Walters to dismiss the case after standing up to a world of criticism for what Amnesty International has acknowledged is a racist prosecution? Don't you bet the house on it!

Let's get it right people....Give to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund! And let's fight it out under the mantle of Universal justice!! Put the best lawyers in the country in front of DA Reed Walters and Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. and them explain this farce to them.

Remember when your kids get into a schoolyard fight, what will you do if they should end up in jail?
Give before it's too late.