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Inspiration Sunday

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The *Real* Secret

Is there really a "secret"... A secret to getting what you want...Regardless of what it is?There sure is and, the funny thing is that, it isn't really a secret at all. :-)Wallace D. Wattles, best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, began most of the articles in hisLessons in Constructive Science series of articles with this preface:"There is a constructive, or integrating principle in nature, and a destructive, or disintegrating principle. Power applied through the constructive principle builds, forms and integrates; it draws atoms and forms together. Power applied through the destructive principle dissolves and disintegrates; it disperses atoms and forms, and throws them apart. To learn how to make every thought and action constructive, is to master the se…

Burma Protest Update

They've got to go people.

With the internet and phones turned off....this is what the junta does to its people.

In case you can't recognize the object in the's the brain of a once peaceful protester.

ht: ko htike


From the Democratic Voice of Burma
Sep 28, 2007 (DVB)Army troops attempting to raid monasteries in Mandalay and Rangoon last night were forced to withdraw by local residents.Troops approaching the monasteries backed off after seeing people from the surrounding areas armed with sticks and slingshots preparing to stop them.In Mandalay, Masoyein (Old and New), Mya Taung, Veitthudayon, Phayagyi and Dhammikarama monasteries were targeted.Residents had heard rumours of impending raids and made preparations to thwart the security forces' approach. (more)

Update(10/2): Stallone: "Burma is the foremost area of human abuse on the planet"

Is Barack Obama Smarter Than Bill Clinton?

Former President Bill Clinton said he was far more experienced when he made his successful 1992 White House run than Senator Barack Obama is today.

What does this have to do with your wife?

Mr. President you may have had more experience governing than your wife. But so has Mr. Obama.

Or maybe he is just smarter than you, Mr. President.

Burma: Protests Continue Despite Crackdown

As the crackdown intensifies, the protest continues. Burmese bloggers send the people's cry for help out to the world...

To all folk, it is really bad in YGN, pLs can someone do something for our country, now inside YGN it has been look like War Zone, i even heard stooting over the phone. it is over 50 shots, right now. but people are not giving up to protest and more and more people coming out to street.

they even used tear gas into primary school.

Ko Htike's Prosaic Collection is now reporting...
Now, the government is trying to make a diversion. They give 10,000 kyats (around $7) & a set of Thin Gan(yellow robe) to "Swan Arr Shin"(like USDA which the form as a group that to crash down violently to protester) team and make them to pretend as Monks. Then, command to destroy the Islamic Mosque. This intends to become a fight between Buddhisms & Islams. So, if u hear or see the news that the monks are destroying the Mosque, these are not real monks. They are just…

News Roundup 9/26/07

For those who don't understand the outrage over Jena 6

Virginia teen attacked by five teenage assailants; charged with misdemeanor mob attackEarl Ofari Hutchinson makes "A Plea to Jena 6 Defendent Judge J.P. Mauffray"
Spirit vs Steel
Burmese Monks are beaten and arrested by military during marches for DemocracyBlogger Nlknayman, defying military imposed censorship, is posting pictures of the Monk led marches. In some pictures, you can actually see the people making human chains around the monks to protect them from the military.
Time: Eyewitness reports coming out of Burma describe the police beating monks as they pray!

Read Ko htike's prosaic collection is a hospital worker's first hand account of the protest in Burma

Civil Rights Movement Mired in Anachronism

While the vanguard of the Civil Rights Community showed it is stuck in 'scream, jump up and down' mode, a group of students at Middle Tennessee State University is raising money for the Jena Six Legal Defense Funds.

Students passing the Keathly University Center last week most likely saw the Alpha Kappa Psi display table set up to sell $1 black ribbons in support of donations to the students of Jena High School.

The ribbon sale raised $300 in an effort to garner support for the six young men in Jena to receive adequate and unbiased representation in court. The proceeds raised were given to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and will be given to the family members of the Jena Six.

Once again, the students lead the way on the journey to universal justice.

Donate to the Jena 6 Legal Defense Funds

Okay...the marching and the feel good moments have come and gone. Mychal Bell is still in jail, however he now in the juvenile court system and the issue of bail and/or release will be revisited very soon.

In the meantime, we at My Right Mind are increasing our fundraising efforts for the Jena Six Legal Defense Funds. Our first campaign to raise $100 was so successful due to two very kind contributors. Now let's raise $500!

How you can help MRM raise money for the Jena Six Legal Defense Funds?

Donate via the Chipin widget on My Right Mind! $1, $2, $100, every bit helps!
Place this widget on your blog, or website and encourage your readers to contribute to the Jena Six Legal Defense Funds.All funds will go directly to the families of the Jena 6 via Paypal.

It's a Great Day for Fundraising!

Jimmie Hicks

Your Mother Was Wrong about Fighting

In this era of don't touch policies and no recess at school, it seems we are encountering even more disruptions in our schools. What's the solution? Playfighting!

Dr. Sergio Pellis, who is Professor of Psychology at the University of Lethbridge, has studied aggression in rats for 27 years and has come to the conclusion - we socialize pretty much the same through non-injurious rough-housing. He recently presented his findings in the April issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science.

In short, rats are naturally aggressive and their play fighting allows them to test their relationships and develop strong social bonds. Those animals that were prevented from playfighting became outcasts because they tended to play inappropriately.

So what does Dr. Pellis believe rats can teach us about curbing our aggressive nature?
We are naturally aggressive.Playfighting is where we learn to temper our aggressive instincts.Kids should be encouraged to playfight and when things get out of h…

Live-blogging the Jena Six Protest

11:37 am: Turn to CNN right now for coverage of the march

They are discussing the Special that CNN will broadcast tonight at 8pm - Judgement in Jena. The short clip of the show highlighted some citizens who complain that their town is getting a bad rap. They assert that they are an integrated community where everyone gets along. Also, young lady voiced the opinion that the racism is being brought to Jena from the outside.

from the Daily Kingfish:
– Regarding Mychael Bell in particular: “Coach Benjy Lewis gave two statements immediately after the school incident in which he clearly states that Justin Barker was facing him when Malcolm Shaw (not Mychal Bell) struck Barker from behind. “I saw Malcolm Shaw hit Justin Barker with his right fist to the right side of Justin’s head, right around the temple,” Lewis wrote. “Justin went down face first, knocked out . . .” Most witnesses agree that a single punch knocked Barker out cold. The only adult who witnessed the punch says Mychal Bell did…

David Bowie Donates to Jena 6 Legal Fund

While the students the Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University marched down the streets of Atlanta yesterday to express their support for the Jena 6.

David Bowie quietly beckoned "Give to the Jena 6 Legal Defense Fund".

Who do you think will be more effective in gaining the freedom of the Jena 6? Who do you think, the marchers or the donors, will have a greater chance to grow a movement to protect the rights of juveniles who are prosecuted as adults for schoolyard fights and such?

If you want to give, do it directly to the families' legal defense funds: via paypal


Mychal Bell Legal Defense Fund
c/o Attorney Louis Scott
510 Pine Street
Monroe, LA 71201


Jena 6 Defense Committee
PO BOX 2798
Jena, LA 71342

*Update(9/21)*: TD Jakes Donates $6000 to Jena Six Legal Defense Fund

**MRM Exclusive***....Murder in Clayton County, GA

Denied a restraining order by Clayton County Judge Richard Brown on May 30, 2007, Ani H. Rose was murdered in her home yesterday by Demetrio Patricio Rose, her husband.

*Update(9/18)* Demetrio Patricio Rose is currently held in the Clayton County Jail on Charges of Murder without bond.

AJC: Clayton man stabbed wife to death, police say
AP: Clayton County man accused of stabbing estranged wife to death

Related blog:

Daniel Silliman gives a moving account of the events that led to Mrs. Rose's death.

*and yes, I reported this story a whole day before the mighty AP did!*

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Hillary Clinton Supports the Jena Six ...When It's Safe!

At the 91st Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet in Charleston, SC, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton expressed her support for the overturned conviction of the Mychal Bell and the Jena Six, respectively. Here are some of her comments from the evening's speech:

“To feel as though the clock is being turned back is unacceptable in this country,”

"There is no excuse for the way the legal system treated those young people,"

"We have to believe justice is blind in America,"

That all sounds nice Madame Candidate, but I've got to ask you: Can we expect for you to express you support for children being prosecuted illegally as adults after the outrage of the community has reached a fever's pitch and they are given relief by the courts all the time?


Okay..I feel you.

..................but I don't trust you!


The Chicago Sun-Times reports, a Louisiana Appeals court has vacated the conviction of Mychal Bell on Friday:

A state appeals court Friday threw out the only remaining conviction against one of the black teenagers accused in the beating of a white schoolmate in the racially tense north Louisiana town of Jena.

In an interview Attorney Louis Scott explained that though initially relieved, Mychal is concerned about the Juvenile Justice system as well. His comments...

“I explained it to Mychal in football terms,” Mr. Scott said. “We started the game down by a touchdown and a field goal. On Sept. 4, we got the field goal. Today, we got the touchdown. Now, we get to start the game all over again.”
Next, it's time to fire the principal for not seeing these boys as his...and for not punishing them as per the school policy for fighting. Then, sue the District Attorney for malicious prosectuion, ie abuse of power. Finally, Judge Muffray needs to be unseated for trying this child as an adult.


40,000 Protesters to Descend on Jena, Louisiana

and they are closing down the school system. Okay. Hurray..that's one for us! But how much are these protesters spending to travel in support of these young boys whose lives are on the line?

Jesse Jackson estimates that forty thousand will descend on this little hamlet with the big hammer. Would you say that each person is spending at least $100 to travel to voice their dissent to the Jena School System's mishandling of this schoolyard fight and this over the top prosecution? Not likely.

But for the sake of argument, let's say it's $100 for each person. 40,000 x $100 = ? Hmmm. Now just imagine the kind of defense these boys could mount with four million dollars.

Somehow it seems the sentiment is righteous, but the follow-thru leaves much to be desired the way I see it. And it seems the people of justice keep getting it wrong!

Furthermore, does anyone really expect District Attorney Reed Walters to dismiss the case after standing up to a world of criticism for what Amnes…

A Noose Outside Your Front Door is a Terroristic Threat!

A noose was found hanging from a tree on the University of Maryland campus recently:
The crudely tied noose was found hanging from a tree just outside the Nyumburu Cultural Center and the Stamp Student Union on Campus Drive, the college's main thoroughfare.

Nyumburu Associate Director Anne Reese Carswell said a student told her about the noose Sept. 6. The next day, she asked students to photograph and videotape it.

But why would someone place a noose outside this newspaper's front door?

Monique Wilson, 19, of Germantown, an English and communications major, was one of the students who contacted police. She said she believes the noose was placed in retaliation for area black college students' support of youths allegedly involved in a racially charged incident in Louisiana.And what was the reaction of the students of the University?

Tiffany Smiling, 19, a junior from New Jersey majoring in public and community health, said she was initially frightened by the noose ...

but she …

Amnesty International: Jena 6 Case Smacks of Racism

Amnesty International has officially asked the US Department of Justice to review the prosecution of the Jena 6.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

'All white juries trying black defendants after racist violence and counter-violence were things we hoped were now part of the past in the United States.

'However, this case in Louisiana appears to be a disturbing throwback. It is vital that the State Department takes seriously the need for an urgent review of the case.'

The 'Jena Six' students were charged following a fight last December in which Justin Barker, a white student, was allegedly assaulted. Justin Barker reportedly received treatment at a hospital for his injuries and was discharged the same day.

Though no one in their right mind condones the behavior of the boys, throwing away the lives of these children for this kind of schoolyard fracas is unethical and wrong. Here's AI's request...

In a letter to the Civil Rights Division of the Just…

Meet Mychal Bell and the Jena 6

"A noose is a terroristic threat!"

ht: Donovonc

Donate to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund!


Mychal Bell Legal Defense Fund
c/o Attorney Louis Scott
510 Pine Street
Monroe, LA 71201


Donate via Paypal

mychalbelldefense at

When Playing the Race Card Goes Wrong...

SEPTEMBER 11--A black West Virginia woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and tortured while being held captive by her white abductors, one of whom told her, "That's what we do to niggers around here." The 23-year-old victim was freed Saturday after cops responded to the home of Frankie Brewster for a "welfare check on a female that was reportedly being held against her will." When cops arrived, Brewster claimed she was the only one home, but then the victim limped to the door and said, "Help me."

Read the whole story...

My brother calls these kind of people foreflushers. First, they accuse you of something (they know you haven't done). Then they punish you based on their accusations alone. Developing...

Joe Zawinul - Reborn September 11, 2007

I first experienced Z-a-w-i-n-u-l as my brother and I called him in 1980. I was living in Atlanta's bohemian section, little 5 points while going to college. My brother, who is nine years older and was studying law, would play Weather Report's Sweetnighter every Saturday morning to rouse us into action to perform our ritual Saturday morning clean up of our apartment.

Weather Report made the work effortless though our neighbors didn't always think so.

Check out this video of my favorite Zawinul composition - Boogie Woogie Waltz.
Thanks for the good times and vibes.

A Biography of Zawinul
The Official Bio of Zawinul

Zawinul with Dinah Washington

*Update(9/15)* 10:33am : WRFG radio Atlanta is hosting a tribute right now to Zawinul! Don't miss it!

The Jena Six Can Be Supported in Six Ways

1. Give Money

One of the best ways you can help these young boys defend themselves is to click on the donation button in the upper left corner of my blog and send a donation to their legal defense fund. All donations go to the They have been staunch supporters of these boys' efforts to be treated as the juveniles who got into a school fight as is obvious .

2. Blog

You can blog about how it makes you feel to witness white trees in 2007, nooses hanging from trees in 2006 and students in schoolyard fights being sent to jail and destroyed for it! What is that all about? Then you could ask your readers to respond by donating to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund. Let DA Reed explain to the best lawyers in the country how they arrived at the decision to prosecute in this case.

3. Another Way to Donate Money

Put a donation button on your website, like the one on my website and funnel your outrage in a most generous way. Just ask and I'll send you the code - it's easy…

Global Warming Debate Lacks Science

When discussing a topic as important as global warming, one would think the facts from climate scientists would be reviewed. Sadly, in the rush to globalize the orthodoxy of global warming, the scientists appear to be the last ones anybody wants to hear from.

First, the science is clear about the sun’s role in the changing nature of our planet’s climate. Decreases in the sun’s activity have been proven to cause global cooling. The mini-ice age that hit Europe in the 17th century has even been correlated with a decrease in solar activity. And guess what? Scientists are now predicting a downturn in the sun’s activity in the near future.

Second, if there were truly a warming trend, shouldn’t it be warmer in the tropical regions? Well, one would think, but recent measurements don’t show this to be the case either (Christy et al). Furthermore, the UK MET office has figures that show there has been no warming trend during this century in spite of all the hype. Any “warming” trend, at best, …


1. Charges reduced for Jones and Shaw to aggravated secondary battery and conspiracy to commit the same.

2. Bell's conspiracy convicted was dropped.

3. Judge acknowledges, Juveniles cannot be tried for conspiracy.Well judge, how about a school fight?


5. The Judge in this legal farce is: J.P. Mauffray. The heavy handed DA is: Attorney Reed Walters. Remember the Governor who presided over the Katrina Fiasco: Blanco!

Is the picture getting clearer about this case? Your kids will be next!

Source: BAW

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Jena 6 Trial Continues Next Month
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Gregory Kane's message in BAW: Don't get mad, Give Cash!

*Update(9/10)* Howard University Raises $8500 for Legal Defense Fund
*Update(9/15)* Mychal Bell Conviction Overturned; Others to be tried as Adults

8 Links: RACE - The Other Science Fiction

Racial classifications do not exist

Race is a social category with no biological basis

Pseudo-science and Race

Master Race Science

Race and Reification in Science

Wikipedia: Caucasian Race

Science and Race: Justifications and Constructions

When Racial Categories Make No Sense

Understanding Race

I read somewhere that we should all do something really significant on our stay here. You know leave at least one gift to the planet before we move on. In my niece's logic, here are some articles that I came across on the net recently about the fallacy of RACE. The essay will be written. Someday.

I know I have an essay somewhere in me about it, but it appears to be germinating at this time... so instead my post for the day is my initial research. I call it 8 links...RACE - the other science fiction! Thanks for dropping by...

Fair Tax in Georgia?

Is Georgia Ready to Abolish the Property Tax? Speaker Richardson brought the idea up at a legislative breakfast to a lukewarm audience who appeared more interested in their possible loss of power over their constituents possible savings.

Richardson let his audience finish their breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits before hitting them with a plan to wipe out property taxes on homes, cars and businesses and replace the revenue with taxes on things such as legal fees, groceries and haircuts.

The Hiram Republican, one of the three most powerful men at the Capitol, alluded to the prices of homes in the tony neighborhood. It should have been fertile ground to discuss eliminating property taxes.

The only problem I see with the plan is: Will control over the consumption taxes be in the hand of the local governments, or in the hands of the state government?


Al Gore's View of Global Change Not Endorsed by Science

When the whole “global warming” frenzy began appearing in the media, I pointed out that 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu recognized that the climate was, by definition, beyond human control. From my perspective, human-caused global warming was a religious movement, not a scientific “fact” as its supporters claimed. My faith in most scientists (if not the scientific establishment) has been restored since now a majority of published scientists are working to debunk whole myth of “global warming.” This is especially gratifying because there are many institutional and financial pressures for scientists to conform to a “concensus” view that a minority of published scientists now support.


Gary Gagliardi is the world's leading expert in explaining the principles of strategy in everyday language. As American's leading expert on Sun Tzu's The Art of War, he makes the science of strategy easy enough for anyone to master. For more about Gary's books and on-line trai…