Is Global Warming a Hoax?

As a student of science, I have had a hard time accepting the one sided debate surrounding the theory of global warming caused by CO2 emissions. My reluctance to embrace the new orthodoxy initally was due to the thin science that I noticed supporting the theory... and was only stiffened by the heretical theater surrounding any challenge to the accepted canon(anybody recall the Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator brouhaha).

Well, once again I will be jumping off the proverbial cliff, by stating the science surrounding the whole theory is filmsy and I will be posting more scientific evidence on MRM about the subject. Therefore, for my second post on global warming, I offer this video that was sent to me by a reader, Don Hagen. It's a documentary produced by Britain's Channel 4 Director Martin Durkin. Thank you Don for your email and I hope you continue to read MRM. Geronimo!


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