In what can be construed as another lapse of judgement by the town of Jena, Louisiana, where nooses hang without censure and students are threatened with annihilation for schoolyard brawls is feeling the strain of their prejudices under scrutiny...

JENA, La. - Officials at a central Louisiana high school have banned T-shirts supporting six black students accused in the beating of a white schoolmate, saying the shirts are disruptive.

About nine students at Jena High School wore the "Free the Jena 6" T-shirts on Tuesday, and the slogan caused too much of a stir on campus, said LaSalle Parish Schools Supt. Roy Breithaupt.


In Tinker vs. Des Moines, the Supreme Court ruled, a school can limit the students right to free speech only if their pure speech is a disruption to the educational mission of the school.

How was this act a disruption to the educational mission of a school that used to have a 'White Tree', Mr. Breithaupt? Is would appear that what you can see is disruptive to the well-being of your students is only the obvious!

"It's rough being wrong and keeping everyone quiet when you obviously lack a sense of justice."

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