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In what can be construed as another lapse of judgement by the town of Jena, Louisiana, where nooses hang without censure and students are threatened with annihilation for schoolyard brawls is feeling the strain of their prejudices under scrutiny...

JENA, La. - Officials at a central Louisiana high school have banned T-shirts supporting six black students accused in the beating of a white schoolmate, saying the shirts are disruptive.

About nine students at Jena High School wore the "Free the Jena 6" T-shirts on Tuesday, and the slogan caused too much of a stir on campus, said LaSalle Parish Schools Supt. Roy Breithaupt.


In Tinker vs. Des Moines, the Supreme Court ruled, a school can limit the students right to free speech only if their pure speech is a disruption to the educational mission of the school.

How was this act a disruption to the educational mission of a school that used to have a 'White Tree', Mr. Breithaupt? Is would appear that what you can see is disrup…

Atlanta Loses Its Olympic Hero

The Olympic Security Guard scapegoated by the City of Atlanta in the wake of the 1996 Olympic Bombing has died. Richard Jewell was found by his wife in their Woodbury home at 10:30am. He was 44 and had been suffering from complications secondary to diabetes.

About a year ago, Gov. Sonny Perdue gave Jewell a long overdue commendation from the State for his heroic actions that saved scores from certain injury...and possible death.

A choked up Jewell said at the ceremony in his honor, "I never sought to be a hero...I wish I could have done more."

Due to Jewell's decisiveness, the area surrounding the crowded Olympic concert stage was evacuated. The only casualty out of the thousands celebrating that evening was Mrs. Alice Hawthorne.

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Emory Medical School Accused of Stealing Grady Hosp. Patients

A former member of the Grady hospital board has accused the Emory School of Medicine of cherry-picking Grady patients to benefit its own hospitals. Bill Loughrey said Emory has systematically steered paying patients from Grady to Emory-owned hospitals, leaving Grady in fragile financial shape as it serves the poor and uninsured.

Would anybody be surprised to discover these charges were true?


Hudson to Vick: "You're taking your chances here!"

Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson accepted Michael Vick's plea of guilty and swiftly informed him, "You are taking your chances here..."

Vick was also informed by the Judge of the rights forfeited by pleading guilty to a felony: the right to appeal, the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, the right to hold public office and the right to be on a jury.

Vick will be sentenced on Dec. 10.

*Update(8/28)* Falcons Win Opener in 'Statement Game'

Vick Vows Redemption!

Is Global Warming a Hoax?

As a student of science, I have had a hard time accepting the one sided debate surrounding the theory of global warming caused by CO2 emissions. My reluctance to embrace the new orthodoxy initally was due to the thin science that I noticed supporting the theory... and was only stiffened by the heretical theater surrounding any challenge to the accepted canon(anybody recall the Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator brouhaha).

Well, once again I will be jumping off the proverbial cliff, by stating the science surrounding the whole theory is filmsy and I will be posting more scientific evidence on MRM about the subject. Therefore, for my second post on global warming, I offer this video that was sent to me by a reader, Don Hagen. It's a documentary produced by Britain's Channel 4 Director Martin Durkin. Thank you Don for your email and I hope you continue to read MRM. Geronimo!


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Vick Cops Plea

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Michael Vick has signed a plea agreement with the federal prosecutors in his dogfighting case. In the deal, Vick pleads guilty to count one of transporting a dog across state lines for purposes related to dog fighting and sponsoring a dog in animal fighting.

Though Vick agrees to cooperate fully with the investigation into his operation, Vick acknowledges that the judge is not bound by the agreement and may choose to impose the maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment plus $250,000 in fines. Furthermore, Vick forfeits the right to his 53 dogs and any assets related to the illegal activity.

The federal prosecutors agree not to bring new charges at a later date related to this criminal venture and recommend the minimum punishment for Vick under law.

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*Update*(6:19pm): NFL Suspends Vick Indefinitely!

*Update*(8/25): Falcons Want $22 Million from Vick

"Looking for Information About the Jena Six?"

The Jena Six Defense Committee's Website...

Informative site, though I wish they were as ardent to raise funds for bail and the legal defense of these young boys, as they are about raising signatures(outrage).


h/t: ellephd

Lawyer says, Vick Will Plead Guilty

Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in his federal dogfighting case and will enter his guilty plea during a court hearing next Monday, his attorney said today.

"After consulting with his family over the weekend, Michael Vick asked that I announce today that he has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors regarding the charges pending against him," Billy Martin, Vick's attorney, said in a statement issued this afternoon.


Update (8/23): Falcons Fans Unloading Season Tickets!

Caymans Brace As Hurricane Dean Nears

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (AP) - Authorities in the Cayman Islands imposed a curfew and evacuated tourists as the British territory braced for a brush Monday with Hurricane Dean, which has left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean killing at least eight people.

Dean was expected to pass to the south of the Caymans but the government said it still posed a "significant threat" to the islands. Forecasters said the islands could receive up to 12 inches of rain.


Jamaica assesses the damage

Grady Jackson Approves of New Defense; Falcons Win

Grady Jackson, the anchor of the defensive line for the Atlanta Falcons said,
"It felt good to play a little bit and get the feel of it," Jackson said. "I really liked how the defense worked. It's only the preseason, but I feel like we are starting very well."
More on the Falcons win here...

Michael Vick - Dogfighting Case Update

Wow! In an interesting turn of events, Michael Vick's other defendents have plead guilty to all charges...and the AJC is reporting that Michael is being advised by his lawyers to accept a plea deal.


Dictatorship 101: Chavez calls for NO term limits

In order to consolidate his power, Chavez proposes term limits and a 6 hour work day. Want to have power? Check out Hugo!

Vick reportedly negotiating plea deal

The AJC is reporting that Michael Vick is in negotiations with the federal prosecutors for a deal.

The Perseids are here!

Tonight, you can see one of the most phenomenal astronomical specticles of our galaxy.... the annual persieds meteor showers have arrived! Assoiciated with the Swift-Tuttle comet near the constellation perseus, the perseids occur annually when our planet crosses the path of this meteor's tail. It is best seen in the northern hemisphere and this is the point of its greatest activity.

Dr Robert Massey from the UK's Royal Astronomical Society says,

If we're lucky, on Sunday night and Monday morning we might see as many as 100 meteors an hour

Caused by small bits of debris, the annual Perseid showers are no bigger than a grain of sand and enter the Earth's atmosphere when our orbit passes through the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet.

As an added bonus, watchers should be able to see Mars, which will be in view as a bright red dot in the eastern sky after midnight.

I hope you'll share this event with my family and me as we enjoy the celestial show tonight. Don't miss this…


I can't help but think if the school administrators had given the hangers of the nooses serious suspensions-making it clear that no one is going to intimidate anyone in this school based on the pseudo-scientific classification called race-the fight that ensued would not have occurred. If the town leadership really wants to do something healing they can appeal to the District attorney not to destroy these young boys for a schoolyard fight.
JENA, La. -- Here in the woodsy heart of Louisiana, town leaders were looking for a fresh start, a way to erase the recent memory of Jim Crow-like hangman's nooses dangling from a shade tree at the local high school. So they cut the tree down.

But after the events of the past 12 months, that attempt by white officials about two weeks ago to heal the town's deep racial divide before the start of a new school year might be too little, too late.


Jason Flaherty reports on the march that occurred on Wednesday, August 1 in sup…

The Families of the Jena 6 Speak

This is an interview by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! with the Parents of the young boys who had a school fight over the right to sit under the 'white tree' in 2006. They are now being prosecuted one by one for attempted aggravated murder in Jena, Louisiana, USA.

We speak with the parents of three of the 'Jena Six' - the black high school students charged with attempted murder for a school fight in which a white student was beaten up. We are joined by Caseptla Bailey, the mother of Robert Bailey and Tina Jones, the mother of Bryant Purvis - both of their sons are awaiting trial on charges of attempted second degree murder and conspiracy. We also speak with Marcus Jones, his son, Mychal Bell, was the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted just over a week ago of aggravated battery and conspiracy. He faces up to 22 years in prison when he is sentenced on July 31st. [includes rush transcript]

We are also joined from Baton Rouge by Catrina Wallace, the secret…

Jena Six: Al and Jesse support juvenile justice

In an attempt to bring more national attention to what has become another example of our legal system gone berserk, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will visit Jena, Louisiana. Hopefully, Jesse and Al will realize that the prosecution of these teens for a schoolyard fight gone bad is just another example of our national judicial system's over-prosecution of our young people. This policy of trying teenagers as adults has overstayed it's welcome and it is time to repeal it.


***update*** Sharpton takes pulpit in Jena, Louisians in support of Jena Six

UN Peacekeepers coming to Darfur

Good! The UN has finally stepped up and decided to help the people of the Darfur Region. But considering the inability of the UN Peacekeepers to prevent thousands of gang rapes and murders in the Eastern Congo(not to mention the corruption in their ranks), what can be expected of the security forces in Darfur?

For a closer look at the ineffectivenes of the UN Peacekeepers in the Congo, check out the following reports from the BBC (Warning! Graphic material):

A woman who has been gang raped tells a story of Congo murder
UN Peacekeepers traffic Gold for weapons
UN fails to stop Rwandan militias from murdering the Congolese***update*** Sudan angry over absence of Al-Nour