Prosecutorial misconduct in Genarlow Wilson case

We codify in through our laws and punish behavior that we deem undesirable in this great experiement called America. We call this justice. But there are two fundamental aspects to every law. There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

Matt Towery, the author of the law that was use to prosecute and punish Genarlow Wilson with 10 years of imprisonment for receiving consensual fellatio, unequivocably has stated District Attorney David Mcdade has used the law in way that violated the spirit of the law.

Towery writes:

The fact that the bill has resulted in someone serving a 10-year sentence, when that was not my intent or that of any sane person, establishes that the sentence is cruel and unusual punishment. Thus, the court should, of its own volition, be allowed to free Wilson.

As I've said in another post about the reprehensible treatment of young Mr. Wilson, David Mcdade is a competent, hardnosed prosecutor who is not known for his generous nature in Douglas county, Georgia. Furthermore, I think it is fair to say that DA Mcdade has acted unethically in his use of a law meant to punish another type of criminal behavior, mainly adult sexual predation to punish this young man.

This type of selective prosecution by district attorneys (I'm sure this is happening all across the country) must not be tolerated by the citizens of Georgia. Has Mcdade prosecuted any white male teens for fellatio with a consenting minor?

More from Matt Towery:
...I find it hard to believe that more white teenagers than black teens have been jailed for having oral sex with someone within a few years of their own age. The vast majority of such cases are never brought to light, and few are prosecuted if they are.

If David Mcdade is using this kind of sleight of hand legal justification to convict the citizens of Douglasville for alleged criminal else may he be abusing the power of his office? It's time for David Mcdade to resign as District Attorney of Douglas county.

That would be justice.