Michael Vick vs. The United States of America

Read the actual indictment: One count of sponsoring a dog in an animal fighting venture and conspiracy to transport the animal.

(7/18): Falcons issue statement concerning the Vick indictment

(7/19): AJC: The NFL to let Vick play
Meet the Judge who will preside at Michael Vick's trial
Meet the Federal Prosecutor

(7/20): Meet Vick's Defense attorney, Lawrence H. Woodward Jr.

(7/24): Vick ordered by NFL to not attend Falcons Training camp
Arthur Blank, Rich Mckay and Bobby Petrino hold press conference
about the Michael Vick Federal investigation; to have a 'wait and see' attitude about his future with the Falcons.

(7/25): Michael Vick arraigned in Richmond, VA federal courthouse.
Bail was given and charges were read and acknowledged by the defendents.
Trial date is November 26, 2007.

Vick hires Attorney Billy Martin

(7/30): Tony Taylor, 34, pleads guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charges. He will be sentenced Dec. 14.

Vick speaks out on Atlanta radio station, V-103

(8/17): Quanis Phillips and Purnell Peace plead guilty in dogfighting case. Vick advised to accept plea deal by attorneys.

(8/20): Billy Martin, attorney for Michael Vick, says Vick to plead guilty.

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