Genarlow Wilson Case goes to the GA Supreme Court Tomorrow

Alyson Palmer writes in the Fulton County Daily Report that Genarlow Wilson's case for release will be heard by the Georgia Supreme Court tomorrow. You can read her thoughts on his chances for release here.

Thanks to the excellent work of Southern Criminal Law and Justice, you can watch the live webcast of the oral arguments here.

Note: There are approximately 21 other teenagers who have been malevolently prosecuted using this perversion of the aggravated child molestation law. Rep. Matt Towery is appalled by the way his bill has been used to destroy the lives of these young people. "No one in their right mind ever thought a prosecutor would take that bill and use it in such a way," according to Towery. The Georgia Supreme Court has a opportunity to extend justice to Mr. Wilson, but I don't trust their judgement either. Stay tuned...