Poindexter asks what motivated Feds to move in

Surry, Va. — As car after car — and one evidence collection truck belonging to the Virginia State Police — darted out of the fenced yard surrounding Michael Vick's property, the officers inside gave barely a glance to reporters waiting across the street.

Pulling the gate closed, though, one of the last men to leave Thursday night said investigators had done some digging and that he didn't expect to be back anytime soon.

"I hope I never see this place again," the man said, refusing to identify himself.

On a day when a search warrant a Surry County sheriff's deputy drew up expired unexecuted, federal law enforcement officials showed up with one of their own for the NFL star's property, indicating that they are taking over a slow-moving probe into possible dog fighting.

It was a development that left Gerald G. Poindexter, the commonwealth's attorney who would have been charged with prosecuting the case, dumbfounded — and more than a little insulted.

"What is foreign to me is the federal government getting into a dog-fighting case," Poindexter said in a telephone interview. "I know it's been done, but what's driving this? Is it this boy's celebrity? Would they have done this if it wasn't Michael Vick?"

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