Non-whites kids harrassed at Disney

Tampa - What began as a fun night out for five Florida State football recruits ended late Friday with Moses McCray running across a parking lot to escape what he and the other players consider harassment by Walt Disney World security guards.

McCray, a senior-to-be who recently transferred from Middleton to Hillsborough High, said Wednesday that the players are considering legal action after being ejected and banned for life from Downtown Disney under the theme park's recently beefed up antigang, no-loitering policy.

'I feel something should happen,' said McCray, a 6-foot-2, 270-pound defensive lineman. 'We were just hanging out. It's not illegal. I feel the trespassing warrants should be dropped against the other guys. We did nothing wrong. They were harassing us, basically.'

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Disney accused of profiling non-white teens