LA judge gives O.J. funds to Goldmans

LOS ANGELES - O.J. Simpson must give any money a Florida lawyer is holding for him to the family of slaying victim Ronald Goldman to satisfy a multimillion-dollar wrongful death judgment, a judge has ruled.

Attorney Leonardo D. Starke is believed to be holding about $3,500 for Simpson in a client trust account in Florida, where the former football star now lives, Goldman attorney David Cook said Wednesday.

The amount is small but the court ruling could have broader implications for the Goldman family, which has tried for a decade to collect on a $33.5-million judgment against Simpson. Virtually none of the money has been collected, and the family has accused Simpson of trying to conceal his income.

"It is a shot over the bow," Cooke said. "It's significant that we're reaching money over state lines, and it's a significant message to Mr. Simpson that we will find every asset there is."