Maryland Senate Race: Steele Surges; Cardin Panics

Here's some exciting news from the Senatorial Race in Maryland...

Michael Steele is surging right now, as evidenced by a new SurveyUSA poll, released earlier today, that has the race tied at Steele 47% - Cardin 47%. The polls and pundits show that Michael is firmly positioned to lock in an historic victory on November 7th - becoming the first African-American elected to the Senate from Maryland. Just take a look at some of the positive reaction to Michael Steele's campaign for change:

On Monday, former Prince George's County Executive Wayne Curry Endorsed Steele, along with five other Democrats currently on the county commission. "The person to elect," said Curry, "is Michael Steele. He is a good man with a good plan."

On Sunday, Fred Barnes said: "The Truth Is Steele Is Maybe the Best Republican Candidate Of The Year... My Upset Prediction Is Michael Steele Wins The United States Senate Race In Maryland." (Fox News' "The Beltway Boys," October 29, 2006)

On Sunday, Carl Cameron of Fox News reported: "This Has The Potential To Be A Real Spoiler Race...In The Last Couple Of Days Steele Has Been The Aggressor And Has Pulled Right Into A Tie In The Polls, He's Even Ahead A Little Bit In A Couple." (Fox News' "Weekend Live," October 29, 2006)

On Friday, October 27, Charlie Cook's Political Report Changed the Maryland Senate Race To A "Toss Up." The Cook Report said: [Steele]... "has been the more impressive candidate with the superior campaign in this race.

This, combined with the recent polls, merits a rating change from Lean Democratic to Toss Up." ("MD SEN: Yes, Virginia, There is a Senate Race in Maryland," Cook Political Report, October 27, 2006) As the momentum continues to swing towards Michael Steele, it's not too late to join our team.

If Michael Steele can raise more money in the final days, he will win. As Michael Steele surges, Congressman Ben Cardin is on the run. So afraid of how badly he was beat in a debate with Steele on October 25, Cardin dropped out of an NAACP debate with Steele at the last minute the next night. Cardin's terrible week continued with an "adequate" performance in the next debate with Michael Steele, and then got even worse when Cardin lost the endorsement of Wayne Curry and other prominent African American Democrats in Prince George's County.

A recent poll by the Republican National Committee shows Michael Steele continuing to close the gap on Congressman Ben Cardin - well within the margin of error, Steele came in at 39% to Cardin's 41%. Several other polls show Michael Steele just inside or just outside the margin of error - reconfirming this race is in a dead heat.