Cardin's Message to Black Dems in Maryland

you are second class citizens in the Democratic Party...

not convinced or still in denial...check out Ben Cardin's(D) latest treatment of loyal Democrats at a rally in Maryland's predominantly Black Prince Georges county...

But the rally turned sour later. State Sen. Nathaniel Exum, Prince George's Democrat, berated Mr. Cardin for excluding him and other local delegates from speaking or being mentioned.
"You do the same [stuff] over and over again, just ignore us," Mr. Exum yelled at Mr. Cardin after the rally, which was held in Mr. Exum's district.
Mr. Cardin shrugged off the incident.

Cardin's retort...

"I think he's upset that we didn't go over the names, but I'm not too concerned about it," Mr. Cardin said. "He's supporting us."

Sheer arrogance.

source: The Washington Times