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I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the Democrats takeover of the House and the Senate these days however I don't think it bodes well for the country when one party is willing to rest the country's future on attacking the ideas of the other party without presenting competiting ideas ....oh well that's the way of the world!

Let's pray that we reveal ourselves and let the American public choose honestly!
Here's my favorite group Earth Wind and Fire...singing that's the way of the world.

YouTube of the Day

The Two Faces of Barack Obama

Notice how fast and loose Barack Obama plays with his loyalties...

"Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois today urged hundreds of blacks not to vote along racial lines next week in Maryland's Senate race. Obama, the only black U.S. senator, came to the state to rally support for Democratic Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, who is white. Cardin's Republican opponent, Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, is the first black candidate ever elected statewide and has been courting black Democrats."--Associated Press, Nov. 3

"The nation's only black senator, Barack Obama, D-Ill., asked voters at two black churches and at a Nashville rally to elect [Harold] Ford, a Democrat who is trying to become the first black senator from the South in more than 100 years. 'I know that all of you are going to work the next couple of days to make sure it happens, because I'm feeling lonely in Washington,' Obama said at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. 'I need my dear friend to join me.' &quo…

Steele Momentum!

from NRO...
Today Michael Steele secured the endorsements of several more prominent black pastors and community leaders in Prince George's County, Maryland. Winning over black socially conservative Democrats is the key to Steele's campaign strategy in Maryland. These community leaders will provide crucial support to Steele's ground game in Prince George's County, where he must win at least 25 percent of the African-American vote in order to pull off the upset.

People who underestimate Michael Steele's appeal among black socially conservative voters are underestimating his chances to win this race. It's by no means a sure bet, but here on the ground in PG County, it's easy to imagine this passionate constituency can carry Steele to victory.

Steele Wins!

I have been a supporter of Michael Steele ever since I heard that he was running for the US Senate, however what I had trouble understanding was how he was garnering support amongst some of the Democrats most ardent supporters...blacks and women.

What I ultimately hoped would become of his candidancy...beside his election to the Senate...was the revelation of a useful template for the Republcans to use to appeal to the black vote and to women who dream of a different America.

Well...I been waiting for his tactics to be revealed and I think this quote will be very useful to the GOP in the future reagardless what becomes of the Steele for Senate candidacy...

I've not come to them as a Republican or a Democrat, as an African-American, or anything other than who I am, and that is someone who believes in public service, who wants to go to Washington to try his best to make a difference in a town that has forgotten where people live and how they live and what they go through every day.

So …

The Military's response to Sen. Kerry


Cardin's Message to Black Dems in Maryland

you are second class citizens in the Democratic Party...

not convinced or still in denial...check out Ben Cardin's(D) latest treatment of loyal Democrats at a rally in Maryland's predominantly Black Prince Georges county...

But the rally turned sour later. State Sen. Nathaniel Exum, Prince George's Democrat, berated Mr. Cardin for excluding him and other local delegates from speaking or being mentioned.
"You do the same [stuff] over and over again, just ignore us," Mr. Exum yelled at Mr. Cardin after the rally, which was held in Mr. Exum's district.
Mr. Cardin shrugged off the incident.

Cardin's retort...

"I think he's upset that we didn't go over the names, but I'm not too concerned about it," Mr. Cardin said. "He's supporting us."

Sheer arrogance.

source: The Washington Times

Steele Delivers the "Smack Down" to Cardin in Debate

Maryland Senate Race: Steele Surges; Cardin Panics

Here's some exciting news from the Senatorial Race in Maryland...

Michael Steele is surging right now, as evidenced by a new SurveyUSA poll, released earlier today, that has the race tied at Steele 47% - Cardin 47%. The polls and pundits show that Michael is firmly positioned to lock in an historic victory on November 7th - becoming the first African-American elected to the Senate from Maryland. Just take a look at some of the positive reaction to Michael Steele's campaign for change:

On Monday, former Prince George's County Executive Wayne Curry Endorsed Steele, along with five other Democrats currently on the county commission. "The person to elect," said Curry, "is Michael Steele. He is a good man with a good plan."

On Sunday, Fred Barnes said: "The Truth Is Steele Is Maybe the Best Republican Candidate Of The Year... My Upset Prediction Is Michael Steele Wins The United States Senate Race In Maryland." (Fox News' "The Beltway Boys,&q…