Why Democrats' Foley Strategy Likely to Backfire

Gary Gagliardi of the Warrior Class Blog writes...

This Washington Post article quotes Bill Clinton on politics:

“All of this is a head game, you know. . . . All great contests are head games.

But Yogi Berra got the strategic math more accurately when he said:

Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.

A strategic position exists both in the physical world and the mental world. Though you must think to grow rich, the ninety percent that is mental doesn’t depend alone on what you think. And at least fifty percent of what other people think is judged on physical reality. Strategy applies to all situations where you must foresee others’ actions correctly in order to take the correct actions yourself. If you fail to get the mental picture right, the physical mistakes soon follow.

Clinton is right judging the political mistakes of Democrats as largely mental. They consistently misjudge the electorate, no by a lot, but just by enough to keep them out of power. The recent Foley sex-message scandal is a good example. Democrats may or may not unleashed it as an October surprise, but how can the Democrats think that an extended political discussion of homosexuality and sexual misconduct breaks in their favor in the minds of the average American voter?

Democrats are not positiioned to condemn sexual misconduct in office since they spent years during the Clinton administration defending it as a private matter. There is no specific circumstance in this case: the homosexuality, the age of the pages, or the abuse of office involved that Democrats can use to say “this case is different.” In 1983, a Democratic congressman, Stubbs, admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old page. He was not only was not thrown out of Congress by the then Democratic majority, but continued to proudly run on the Democratic ticket and was reelected by his Democratic constituents until he retired over a decade later. We don’t even have to go into the more recent homosexual escapades of Barney Frank, a leader spokesperson of the party who was involved in a gay prostitution ring operating out of his house.

At least when Republican are caught behaving badly, their party quickly shows them the door instead.