McClain: Clinton-N. Korea Policy A Failure

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I wonder... Why are policy failures of Bill Clinton and his administration summarily explained away with the 'he tried' excuse, but President Bush's setbacks are assailed as abject blunders. Makes you say ...hmmmmm! long as it last...Sen. McClain seems to be back on the team telling the unvarnished truth.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. Republican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday accused former President Clinton, the husband of his potential 2008 White House rival, of failing to act in the 1990s to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

"I would remind Senator (Hillary) Clinton and other Democrats critical of the Bush administration's policies that the framework agreement her husband's administration negotiated was a failure," McCain said at a news conference after a campaign appearance for Republican Senate candidate Mike Bouchard.

For the funny side of the Clinton Administrations' attempts to appease the North Koreans...

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Warning: YouTube is currently pandering to the Democratic Party and is very likely to censor this video because it lampoons one of their untouchables...Bill Clinton. As Barbara Streisand would say, "Shut the fuck up, can't you take a joke?"

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