Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue Leads Taylor by Double Digits

In a new ad, Lt. Governor Mark Taylor(D) claims that Gov. Sonny Perdue cut educational instruction by One billion dollars. Now... When I first heard this figure something just didn't ring quite true. Well, as the ole saying goes..."time always tells" and this time it apparently shows Mark Taylor has no problem dealing in half-truths to mislead the citizens of Georgia when he has something to gain.

Fact: Governor Perdue's Administration has increased the Educational budget of Georgia by $6 billion to $7 billion dollars since taking office. Source: Atlanta Journal - Constitution

The Good News: Mark Taylor's misleading accusations appear to be falling on deaf ears. Check out the latest Rasmussen Reports poll on the race...

Perdue has a 53% to 39% advantage over Taylor in the latest Rasmussen Reports election poll in Georgia. That's not much different that our last poll before Taylor's primary victory. As if a 14-point lead wasn't enough, Perdue began the general election campaign with $9 million in his campaign war chest while Taylor had just over $1 million.

If Taylor stays true to recent Democratic form, we will witness Taylor's unveiling of the angry, mean-spirited, "I've been victimized" Democrat who will attack Governor Perdue using some other half-truths. stay tuned...