In Honor of Al Gore....

who is thinking of running for President again...

Here's MRM's Top Ten Responses To: "How Fat is Al Gore?"

10.He's so fat, when he appears in public the band plays "Hail To The Beef"

9.He's so fat, the Florida Election Commission is recounting his chins

8.He's so fat, he'll only take money from the Chinese if it comes with egg rolls

7.He's so fat, instead of apples, his students place margarine on his desk

6.He's so fat, the Secret Service has added one agent just to guard his ass

5.He's so fat, his belt gave a concession speech

4.He's so fat, he asked Bush if he can be ambassador to KFC

3.He's so fat, he had one of Dick Cheney's heart attacks

2.He's so fat, the Liberty Bell is now the second largest thing with a crack

1.He's so fat, Clinton is thinking of hitting on him