Why would any Jew support the Democrats?

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Here's an interesting poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News. Its main finding: Republicans are much more likely to back Israel over its attackers than Democrats are.

Should the United States continue to align itself with Israel, adopt a more neutral posture, or align more with Arab countries? By a 50 to 44 percent margin, respondents said we should stick with Israel rather than take a more neutral posture; only 2 percent want us to side more with Arab countries. But there's a big difference between respondents of different parties. Here's a table showing the results, including independents.

Reps Inds Dems
Continue with Israel 64 46 39
More neutral posture 29 49 54
Side with Arabs 1 2 2


Nightfighter said…
Now we have a contest in the Senate race in Connecticut...Joe Lieberman is running as an independent. Good Stuff!