Specific and Clear Goals in Strategy

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Gary Gagliardi

The central factor in all strategic positions is a philosophy. This philosophy defines your goals. These goals are shared with others create the strength of unity. Your shared mission provides you with a focus so you can prioritize your actions. Those methods must support your goals for them to make sense.

The unhappiness of the American people with the president and our government regarding Iraq and the War on Terror arises directly from the president’s inability to articulate our core philosophy in this war. I have consistently criticized the current administration because it cannot clearly articulate these goals, the mission, its priorities, and how our methods are or will meet our goals in the war on terror. While some, especially in the media, will continue to think that “all wars are futile,” the only truly futile wars are those for which goals are unclear. This is even more true in wars which are fought, in Kawahri’s own words, “more than half in the media.”


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