Say No to Cynthia Mckinney

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Hank Johnson's law-office-turned-campaign-headquarters is a study of the controlled chaos one might expect to find days before a big race.

The noon meeting is pushed to 1 p.m, the 1 p.m. to

Hank Johnson has seen his life become fodder for attacks after years of quiet service.

2:45 p.m., and so on. Phones ring off the hook. All of the bottled water is gone.

"I had no way of knowing it would be like this," said Johnson, dashing from meeting to meeting in his Democratic runoff race to beat U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney for the 4th Congressional District seat. "It has been an interesting journey so far."

Johnson, a lawyer and former magistrate judge, hopes to move from the modesty of a five-year stint on the DeKalb County Commission to the complexities of Capitol Hill.

MRM supports Hank Johnson in the Georgia 4th Congressional District's Democratic Primary.


Nightfighter said…
If you are a student of racial politics in America, tonight you will witness the deathblow to demagogery in the black community.