New York City Fire Department to Lower Hiring Standards

by LaShawn Barber

Celebrate diversity!

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has succumbed to the pressure. One of the finest fire departments in the country will lower its hiring standards to attract more black recruits.

This Newsday article begins with an effusive lead about the new “pro-diversity” campaign to attract “minorities,” but the important part is how the fire department intends to do that. As originally conceived, affirmative action would require FDNY to look farther and wider for qualified black candidates. Affirmative action as practiced today means lowering qualifications.

How low will they go? FDNY is dropping the college requirement altogether if applicants have held a full-time job for six months, but this New York Daily News story reveals more of the truth. The department is “considering a change in the way the test is scored.” That story also notes the “surge” in Latino fire fighters. I’d be interested to know how they scored on the employment test as a group.

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Nightfighter said…
There is something insidious about lowering standards to increase the participation of blacks in the country. If you understand how this benefits blacks please let me know...