Mckinney Bares Her Canines during Debate

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Atlanta - Johnson also charged that McKinney has "absolutely failed to deliver any meaningful legislation." He said she has introduced only 64 pieces of legislation over 12 years, and that only one passed: a measure to rename a post office." That's a pitiful record for a congresswoman," Johnson said.

McKinney rebutted by saying that has given her its highest marks among the Georgia Democratic delegation, including Rep. John Lewis.

The congresswoman appeared at ease throughout the debate, often telling the panelists she was happy they asked a particular question and flashing her wide smile. She often cut in, asking if she could respond to Johnson's charges. The former commissioner, by contrast, appeared more reserved.

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Nightfighter said…
Mckinney lied about her rating. She is next to last in the power ratings in Georgia...but I have grown to expect nothing more from her anyway.

Nice canines though...