Herman Cain Exposes the New Terrorism

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The Hezbocrats, a roaming band of militant guerrillas seeking their party's 2008 nomination for president, have most recently lobbed their rhetorical bombs at Wal-Mart, that cruel capitalist occupying corporation. The most recent base of Hezbocrat activity was Iowa, the state whose January 2008 party caucuses are the nation's first measure of presidential preference. The Hezbocrats, armed with nothing more than Katyusha-grade class warfare rhetoric, descended upon Iowa earlier this month determined to take down Wal-Mart, a company they consider the nation's largest capitalistic oppressor of the proletariat.

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Nightfighter said…
I wonder who is paying the Democrats to go after Wal-mart? And why is 'Swiftboat' Kerry feigning such outrage when someone calls his comrades to the carpet for attempting to terrorize an American corporation?