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Are Centanni and Wiig Experiencing Stockholm Syndrome?

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Aug. 31, 2006 — - Despite being taken hostage at gunpoint in Gaza by a jihadist group and held captive for 13 days, Fox News cameraman Olaf Wiig says he can't condemn his captors. "It's really complex," Wiig said on "Good Morning America." "In some ways, I feel such sympathy for the Palestinian cause. You know, in my heart. You know, I can't hate them for what they did. I resent on behalf of my family what they did. But there's a funny bit of me that's sympathetic to them still."

The Peace Encyclopedia: Stockholm Syndrome

U.S. Muslims Warn of Threat From Within

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After the Sept. 11 suicide hijackings, distraught U.S. Muslim leaders feared the next casualty would be their religion. Islam teaches peace, they told anyone who would listen in news conferences, at interfaith services and, most famously, standing in a mosque with President Bush. But five years later, the target audience for their pleas has shifted. Now the faith's American leaders are starting to warn fellow Muslims about a threat from within.

Rumsfeld Warns of New Fascism

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THE US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has compared Bush Administration critics to those who sought to appease the Nazis before World War II, warning that the US is confronting "a new type of fascism".

Bolton Calls for Sanctions on Iran...Finally

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VIENNA, Austria - Iran remained defiant Thursday as a U.N. deadline arrived for it to halt uranium enrichment, and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said unanimity among the Security Council was not needed to take action against Tehran. Key European nations will meet with Iran in September in a last-ditch effort to seek a negotiated solution to the standoff over Tehran's refusal to freeze uranium enrichment, a senior U.N. diplomat said Thursday

Gas Prices Continue to Drop; Lower Demand

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Gasoline prices are falling fast and could keep dropping for months. "The only place they have to go is down," says Fred Rozell, gasoline analyst at the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). "We'll be closer to $2 than $3 come Thanksgiving."

Sen. Joe Biden..."My State Was A Slave State"

Oakland Schools Promotion of Gender Variants is "Nonsense"

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The self-labeled "progressive" school has thrown out gender boundaries and encourages children with "gender variant" behaviors to cross-dress. According to Lelchuk, "Park Day's gender-neutral metamorphosis happened over the past few years, as applications trickled in for kindergarteners who didn't fit on either side of the gender line. One girl enrolled as a boy, and there were other children who didn't dress or act in gender-typical ways. Last year the school hired a consultant to help the staff accommodate these new students." Carla Odiaga, a Boston consultant works with gender issues for Park Day School. According to Odiaga, who counsels gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, says that many of these teens are scarred by early memories -- such as when a daughter is forced to dress like a girl or a son whose dad hit him when he refused to play sports.

Suicidal Tendencies Decrease Amongst Katrina Survivors

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"We found an extraordinarily high proportion of our sample who said that despite the understandable sadness with all they lost and the understandable anxieties about the future ... that they felt closer to their loved ones, they felt connected to the community in a way they didn't before," he said. "They felt much more religious, they felt that they had a purpose in their life and a meaning," he said, noting that 88.5 percent of the survivors in the survey said Katrina had helped them develop a deeper sense of meaning or purpose in life.

Are Women Teachers Bad for Boys?

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WASHINGTON — For all the differences between the sexes, here's one that might stir up debate in the teacher's lounge: Boys learn more from men and girls learn more from women. That's the upshot of a provocative study by Thomas Dee, an associate professor of economics at Swarthmore College and visiting scholar at Stanford University. His study was to appear Monday in Education Next, a quarterly journal published by the Hoover Institution.

Study: Teachers and the Gender Gaps in Achievement

Hip Hopper Cousin Jeff Supports Blackwell

Complete Statement of Support

Over the past few days I have been run through the blog and email world as a traitor, an undercover operative, a money chaser, a republican sellout, and many other things. I have been talked about and attacked by people that I have considered colleagues, and in some cases friends, without a phone call or email to inquire about my decision. I have had professional contracts cancelled and future contract negotiations halted all as a result of my announcement Friday August 11, 2006 to officially support the campaign of J. Kenneth Blackwell for Governor of the state of Ohio. However, I am not angry, bitter, resentful, or moved to retaliate. Infact I understand my brothers and sisters who question my decision, are angered by my decision, and even feel betrayed. Many of you out there think that I have lost my mind; some think that I have sold out, and others think I am chasing money.

Black Children Ordered to Back of Bus

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COUSHATTA -- Nine black children attending Red River Elementary School were directed last week to the back of the school bus by a white driver who designated the front seats for white children. The situation has outraged relatives of the black children who have filed a complaint with school officials.
Superintendent Kay Easley will meet with the family members in her office this morning.

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Red River schools leader issues statement

Herman Cain Exposes the New Terrorism

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The Hezbocrats, a roaming band of militant guerrillas seeking their party's 2008 nomination for president, have most recently lobbed their rhetorical bombs at Wal-Mart, that cruel capitalist occupying corporation. The most recent base of Hezbocrat activity was Iowa, the state whose January 2008 party caucuses are the nation's first measure of presidential preference. The Hezbocrats, armed with nothing more than Katyusha-grade class warfare rhetoric, descended upon Iowa earlier this month determined to take down Wal-Mart, a company they consider the nation's largest capitalistic oppressor of the proletariat.

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US Military Upbeat in Baghdad

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Violence in Baghdad has declined in the past two weeks and all but ended in some formerly deadly neighborhoods, the U.S. military said in a cautiously upbeat report on Tuesday on a major security clampdown in the city.

Democrats Push Dispel Lieberman Movement

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Critics asked a New Haven election official to remove Sen. Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Party on Monday, a request which could potentially lead to a hearing in which the longtime Democrat would have to argue that he still adheres to the principles of the party.

Crazy Ray Nagin and the Magical 'Racecard'

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INDIANAPOLIS — New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday blamed racism and government bureaucracy for hamstringing his city's ability to weather Hurricane Katrina and recover from the disaster that struck the Gulf Coast nearly a year ago.

Hip Hop Embracing Michael Steele's Message

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Washington, DC - Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons will be the host of a campaign fundraiser Thursday for Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele's run for U.S. Senate.

New York City Fire Department to Lower Hiring Standards

by LaShawn Barber

Celebrate diversity!

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has succumbed to the pressure. One of the finest fire departments in the country will lower its hiring standards to attract more black recruits.

This Newsday article begins with an effusive lead about the new “pro-diversity” campaign to attract “minorities,” but the important part is how the fire department intends to do that. As originally conceived, affirmative action would require FDNY to look farther and wider for qualified black candidates. Affirmative action as practiced today means lowering qualifications.

How low will they go? FDNY is dropping the college requirement altogether if applicants have held a full-time job for six months, but this New York Daily News story reveals more of the truth. The department is “considering a change in the way the test is scored.” That story also notes the “surge” in Latino fire fighters. I’d be interested to know how they scored on the employment test as a group.

Full Post

Bianca Ryan: America's Got Talent

Last Night's Grand prize winner!

Skinterns Shedding their Clothes

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ABC News — When it comes to style, most of the 535 members of Congress wear conservative suits that reflect the power on Capitol Hill.

For some of their fresh-faced interns, however, skimpy tank tops, jeans, short skirts and flip-flops are the "underdressed" norm.

Hezbullah Hands Out Blood Money

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BEIRUT - Hizbollah handed out bundles of cash on Friday to people whose homes were wrecked by Israeli bombing, consolidating the Iranian-backed group's support among Lebanon's Shi'ites and embarrassing the Beirut government.

hat tip: Dissecting Leftism

Remember The Lady Who...

Interrupted United flight 923 from London to Washington, DC with her bizarre behavior including urinating on the floor? It turns out she was a peace activist.

Black Teen Gangs Challenge America's Moral Vacuum

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Minneapolis - Imagine the outrage if white teenage gangsters dressed in oversized khaki shorts and polo shirts had gunned down 20 people in Edina so far this year. Imagine that they had terrorized the streets with robberies and drug-dealing to the point that ordinary people were afraid to leave their homes or let their kids play outside.

Andy Young Quits Walmart Post

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ATLANTA — Civil rights leader Andrew Young, who was hired to help Wal-Mart Stores Inc. improve its public image, said early Friday he was stepping down from his position as head of an outside support group amid criticism for remarks seen as racially offensive.

Related: Working Families for Walmart Website

C-Section Rate at All-Time High in U.S.

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(HealthDay News) -- The Caesarean section delivery rate stands at a record high in the United States, resisting efforts by federal health officials to reduce the rate to 15 percent by the year 2010.

"Birth is a very empowering process for women," Zweifler said. Having a C-section "is taking it out of the hands of women and putting it in the hands of a surgeon in a very sterile environment. If you have a life-threatening condition or a fetus in distress, a C-section can be life-preserving. But to do it on a routine basis when there is no risk to the mother and baby, you may be causing harm, and you need to be very cautious."

Democrat hysteria mounts over Lieberman

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A group of Senate Democrats is growing increasingly angry about Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (D-Conn.) campaign tactics since he lost the Democratic primary last week.

If he continues to alienate his colleagues, Lieberman could be stripped of his seniority within the Democratic caucus should he defeat Democrat Ned Lamont in the general election this November, according to some senior Democratic aides.

In recent days, Lieberman has rankled Democrats in the upper chamber by suggesting that those who support bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq by a certain date would bolster terrorists’ planning attacks against the U.S. and its allies. He also sparked resentment by saying last week on NBC’s Today show that the Democratic Party was out of the political mainstream.

Body Language Experts Can Spot Terrorists

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DULLES, Virginia As the man approached the airport security checkpoint here, he kept picking up and putting down his backpack, touching his fingers to his chin, rubbing some object in his hands and finally reaching for his pack of cigarettes, even though smoking was not allowed.

Two Transportation Security Administration officers stood nearby, nearly motionless and silent, gazing straight at him. Then, with a nod, they moved in, chatting briefly with the man and then swiftly pulling him aside for an intense search.

Another airline passenger had just made the acquaintance of the agency's "behavior detection officers."

Illegal aliens ousts Black workers

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An Alabama employment agency that sent 70 laborers and construction workers to job sites in that state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina says the men were sent home after just two weeks on the job by employers who told them "the Mexicans had arrived" and were willing to work for less.

Black Female Gang Preyed on Men Exclusively

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Four women and a 15-year-old girl have been linked to a string of violent crimes that includes the shooting death of a man during an attempted robbery last week, authorities said Tuesday.

All five confessed to their involvement in the spree, Lt. Chris Cowan, spokesman for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, said Tuesday.

The women dressed like men during the attacks, and their victims were men, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said.

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Mckinney Rages Against the Voting Machine

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Augusta - Rep. Cynthia McKinney, in her first public appearance since losing her re-election bid last week, said Tuesday that the black community needs to oppose electronic voting machines, which she warned can be used to steal elections.

McKinney also said the state of Georgia should prohibit crossover voting among political parties in primary elections and end its system of runoff elections.

The fiery Democratic congresswoman, who scuffled with a Capitol Hill police officer earlier this year and has accused the Bush administration of having advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks, said she considers herself a "black political paramedic," and the "black body politic is near comatose."

Defiant Lieberman Leads Senate Race

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Just one week ago, national Democrats united to try to nudge Senator Joseph I. Lieberman out of his race for re-election after his defeat at the hands of his antiwar rival, Ned Lamont, in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

But today Mr. Lieberman appears to be in the race to stay, running as a retooled independent candidate who is taking on both political parties, and Connecticut is already seeing a full-throated re-enactment of the men’s blistering primary battle.

Far from sulking in defeat, Senator Lieberman has fired most of his senior aides, energized his broad base of donors from his campaigns for president and vice president, produced a new television advertisement explaining his political intentions, and attacked Mr. Lamont over the London terror plot.

Update (8/17): New poll has Lieberman ahead 49% to Lamont's 38%.

Mugabe Admits to Stolen Land Failure

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HARARE (AFP) - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has warned new black farmers to either produce food on farms taken from whites or have the land seized by the government.

"Those with land should use it to prove they were indeed interested in farming in the first place," Mugabe said Monday at a Heroes' Day celebration.

"Those who can't produce, be warned, we will take the land back. We now need to distinguish capable and committed farmers from holders of land who are mere chancers and who should be made to seek opportunities elsewhere," he said. Man held for insulting Mugabe

The Truth Behind 'Forty Acres and a Mule'

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Sherman's Special field order #15

On this day in 1865, in the midst of his 'March to the Sea' during the Civil War, General William T. Sherman and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton met with 20 Black community leaders of Savannah, Georgia. Based in part to their input, Gen. Sherman issued Special Field Order #15 on January 16, 1865, setting aside the Sea Islands and a 30 mile inland tract of land along the southern coast of Charleston for the exclusive settlement of Blacks. Each family would receive 40 acres of land and an army mule to work the land, thus "forty acres and a mule." Gen. Rufus Saxton was assigned by Sherman to implement the Order. On a national level, this and other land, confiscated and abandoned, became the jurisdiction of the Freedman's Bureau, which was headed by Gen. Oliver Otis Howard (Howard University).

In his words he wanted to "...give the freedmen protection, land and schools as far and as fast as he can." H…

UK Stopping Muslims at Airports

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THE Government is discussing with airport operators plans to introduce a screening system that allows security staff to focus on those passengers who pose the greatest risk.

The passenger-profiling technique involves selecting people who are behaving suspiciously, have an unusual travel pattern or, most controversially, have a certain ethnic or religious background.

Specific and Clear Goals in Strategy

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Gary Gagliardi

The central factor in all strategic positions is a philosophy. This philosophy defines your goals. These goals are shared with others create the strength of unity. Your shared mission provides you with a focus so you can prioritize your actions. Those methods must support your goals for them to make sense.

The unhappiness of the American people with the president and our government regarding Iraq and the War on Terror arises directly from the president’s inability to articulate our core philosophy in this war. I have consistently criticized the current administration because it cannot clearly articulate these goals, the mission, its priorities, and how our methods are or will meet our goals in the war on terror. While some, especially in the media, will continue to think that “all wars are futile,” the only truly futile wars are those for which goals are unclear. This is even more true in wars which are fought, in Kawahri’s own words, “more than half in th…

More Stupid Comments from Hillary Clinton

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SCHENECTADY - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a possible contender for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2008, on Monday criticized the Bush administration for failing to do enough to protect the country from terrorists.

Clinton's comments came after authorities in the United Kingdom last week said they thwarted a terror plot involving airplanes bound from Britain to the United States. Conspirators allegedly planned to blow up as many as 10 planes flying from Britain to the United States using liquid explosives, which the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's security equipment cannot detect in carry-on luggage.

Hezbollah Gets Spanked, Claims Victory

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Beirut - Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that his guerrillas achieved a "strategic, historic victory" against Israel _ a declaration that prompted celebratory gunfire across the Lebanese capital.

Israel's prime minister, however, maintained the offensive eliminated the "state within a state" run by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

More Praise for the Citizens of Georgia

Rev. Peterson Congratulates the People of Georgia for Cynthia McKinney’s Defeat

LOS ANGELES- After the landslide defeat (59 percent to 41 percent) of Rep. Cynthia McKinney in the Democratic primary in Georgia’s 4th District this week, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a longtime critic of McKinney, released the following statement regarding McKinney’s behavior and comments during her concession speech:

“Cynthia McKinney’s actions and that of her supporters speak for themselves. McKinney is an out-of-control, cop hating, anti-Semitic, racist black female. After losing her Congressional seat, McKinney suggested the election was stolen, sang along to an Anti-President Bush song, and praised Leftist leaders in Cuba and Venezuela.

“Some in McKinney’s entourage—which included New Black Panther party members—scuffled with reporters, calling them ‘crackers’; and blamed McKinney’s loss on Israel, telling one reporter to ‘put on your yarmulke and celebrate.’ Where’s the condemnation of McKinney from th…

Katrina victims blamed for Houston crime...again

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HOUSTON - A letter to inmate No. 1352951 and a cell phone bill for $76.63, both found in a soggy New Orleans duplex ruined by Hurricane Katrina, led Louisiana bounty hunter James Martin to Texas.


It marked the seventh time since Katrina that Martin, whose pursuit of bail jumpers often begins with clues salvaged from abandoned New Orleans homes, has followed a trail to Texas.

GOP Voters ready to take on Democratic Zombies

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Many Democrats may hate the war in Iraq and itch to dump the president, but a new GOP survey shows that Republican base voters stand ready to jam the November polls to return their team to Congress. A three-page-survey memo obtained by Washington Whispers reveals that despite reports of some dissatisfaction with the economy, the war, and President Bush, 81 percent of Republican voters are "almost certain" to vote and an additional 14 percent say they are "very likely." It goes without saying that they'll vote Republican: By a margin of 84 percent to 6 percent, they will pull the GOP toggle switch in the voting booth. And here is something you don't hear very often: 88 percent of Republicans approve of how the prez is handling his job. What's it all mean? Analysts say that GOP voters are ready to dig in and play defense against the charges Democrats are tossing at Republican candidates.

Islam Strikes Again!

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A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.
It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled in hand luggage on to as many as 10 aircraft.

Police are searching premises after 21 people were arrested. Home Secretary John Reid said they believed the "main players" were accounted for.

Immigration: New Hispanic Study Biased, Lacks Validity

Full Report

Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, said his research shows that many young workers with little education are hurt by competition from immigrants.

"Employment for less educated natives has declined, and their wages have declined," said Camarota, who advocates stricter immigration policies. "There is no shortage of less educated workers in the United States."


Shelby Steele: Individuality vs White Guilt

Complete interview

TAE: Your parents had a racially mixed marriage. You have a racially mixed marriage. How has that affected your views on race?

STEELE: It has given me a profound advantage, because that entirely demystifies race.

My father was a poor black from the South, born in 1900, with a third-grade education. My mother was raised in Ohio with a decent amount of money, and earned her master's degree. I suppose my father was the more intellectual of the two--he certainly read more books--but I only knew them as my mother and my father. I didn't know them as emblems or representatives of a race.

So being raised by them gave me a profound secret that other people who have dealt with race don't have: I knew that behind the race, there's nothing other than human beings; that's why whenever I write about race, my point of departure has always been human nature.

I understand race, but I better understand the basics of humanity--human motivations, human incentives. No…

Why would any Jew support the Democrats?

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Here's an interesting poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News. Its main finding: Republicans are much more likely to back Israel over its attackers than Democrats are.

Should the United States continue to align itself with Israel, adopt a more neutral posture, or align more with Arab countries? By a 50 to 44 percent margin, respondents said we should stick with Israel rather than take a more neutral posture; only 2 percent want us to side more with Arab countries. But there's a big difference between respondents of different parties. Here's a table showing the results, including independents.

Reps Inds Dems
Continue with Israel 64 46 39
More neutral posture 29 49 54
Side with Arabs 1 2 2

McKinney aide charged with battery

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A member of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s security team was charged with battery after police say he struck a television news photographer as McKinney prepared to concede defeat late Tuesday night.

Steve Muhammad, 67, hit WXIA-TV photographer Gary Stillwell, 24, during a scuffle outside McKinney’s campaign would-be victory party about 11:25 p.m., according to a police report released Wednesday morning by DeKalb County police.

Johnson basks in big victory over McKinney

Original Article

Working on about 90 minutes sleep, Hank Johnson, the Democratic nominee for the 4th District Congressional seat, visited television news studios early Wednesday, beginning a series of interviews about his win over U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

The 51-year-old Johnson’s strong victory in Tuesday’s runoff election attracted national attention, and everyone in the local news media wanted to hear from him.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I’m tired but happy,” he said between interviews, vowing to rest later. “I’m judging things not in weeks or months, but hours.”

McKinney’s machine breaks down

Original Article

It was once thought she had an invincible political machine that could turn out the masses on command.

Late Tuesday night, that machine looked broken and her forces in disarray as six-term 4th District congresswoman and perennial firebrand Cynthia McKinney was soundly defeated by former DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson.

Political analysts said it could spell the end of a political era for McKinney in the DeKalb-centered district that includes portions of Rockdale and Gwinnett counties.

“It’s the end of her political career,” University of Georgia political scientist Charles Bullock said. “I can’t think of anyone who’s come back from two primary defeats. It’s done some real damage to the notion that she’s got this loyal electorate that she can snap her fingers and mobilize.”

Say No to Cynthia Mckinney

Original Article

Hank Johnson's law-office-turned-campaign-headquarters is a study of the controlled chaos one might expect to find days before a big race.

The noon meeting is pushed to 1 p.m, the 1 p.m. to

Hank Johnson has seen his life become fodder for attacks after years of quiet service.

2:45 p.m., and so on. Phones ring off the hook. All of the bottled water is gone.

"I had no way of knowing it would be like this," said Johnson, dashing from meeting to meeting in his Democratic runoff race to beat U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney for the 4th Congressional District seat. "It has been an interesting journey so far."

Johnson, a lawyer and former magistrate judge, hopes to move from the modesty of a five-year stint on the DeKalb County Commission to the complexities of Capitol Hill.

MRM supports Hank Johnson in the Georgia 4th Congressional District's Democratic Primary.

Disgraced Reuters Photographer Made Saturday's NY Times Front Page

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Disgraced Reuters freelance photographer Adnan Hajj was dismissed by the wire service for altering a photograph of a Lebanese skyline to make the damage caused by Israel look worse (big hat tip to Charles Johnston at Little Green Footballs, who first uncovered the fake photo). More photos by Hajj are being scrutinized, and at least one other photo has been proven to have been digitally altered.

Mckinney KO'ed in Latest bout with Johnson

Original Article

Atlanta - The closer Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson get to Tuesday's runoff, the nastier the race seems to be getting.

At a community forum Thursday night in North DeKalb, the two candidates for the Fourth Congressional District again traded barbs in their efforts to secure crucial votes.

And for one of the first times publicly, Johnson took off the gloves. After McKinney accused him of being under the thumb of Republicans because of all the money he has gotten from GOP-leaning donors, he struck back.

"I can accuse her of being under the control of terrorists, but I won't" Johnson said, because of the money that her campaign has gotten from Muslim interests.

Breast-feeding Produces Confidence

Original Article

LONDON - Breast-feeding's calming effects seem to be long-lasting.

Years after being weaned, breast-fed children cope better with stressful situations like their parents' divorce than their bottle-fed peers, researchers said on Thursday.

"In children who are breast-fed, there is less of an association between parental divorce and separation and childhood anxiety," Dr Scott Montgomery, an epidemiologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said in an interview.

Breast milk is full of nutrients, hormones, enzymes, growth factors and antibodies that are passed from mother to child.

Joseph Lieberman: Acting Black?

Why are people at the Huffington Post portraying Joe Lieberman as a minstrel?

Update (Aug. 4): Blackface backlash

Cynthia Mckinney Sues 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution' for Libel

Original Article

The suit says that other facts were misstated including a reported suggestion by McKinney that President Bush had known about the September 11 terror attacks in advance, and had allowed the plot to unfold so that he and his friends could profit from the resulting wars.

Update (Aug 2): Mckinney not sueing AJC

Atlanta Journal-Constitution endorses Hank Johnson for Congress

1996 Olympics: Richard Jewell Honored by Gov. Sonny Perdue

Complete Article

Gov. Sonny Perdue marked the 10th anniversary of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing Tuesday by commending former security guard Richard Jewell for his actions in the moments before the deadly attack.

Perdue credited Jewell with spotting a suspicious green backpack at the park, notifying authorities and helping evacuate bystanders from the area on July 27, 1996. The blast killed Alice Hawthorne of Albany and injured more than 100 others.

"The bottom line is this: His actions saved lives that day. He did what he was trained to do," Perdue, who is seeking re-election, said with Jewell at his side at an afternoon news conference in the state Capitol. "Mr. Jewell, on behalf of Georgia, we want to thank you for keeping Georgians safe and doing your job during the course of those Games."

Cynthia Mckinney Gets Desperate

Original Article

Atlanta - A new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion poll for the Democratic primary runoff in Georgia’s 4th Congressional district shows challenger Hank Johnson maintaining his lead over incumbent U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney by a full 15 percentage points as the runoff election looms closer.

WMD: The Truth Is Out There!

Original Article

Americans are waking up from a distorted reality. Half now believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. That's up sharply from last year, when only 36% believed that he had banned weapons.

Hizbullah: Using the Children as Shields?

Original Article

Roee Nahmias

"We have it from a credible source that Hizbullah, alarmed by Siniora's plan, has concocted an incident that would help thwart the negotiations. Knowing full well that Israel will not hesitate to bombard civilian targets, Hizbullah gunmen placed a rocket launcher on the roof in Qana and brought disabled children inside, in a bid to provoke a response by the Israeli Air Force. In this way, they were planning to take advantage of the death of innocents and curtail the negotiation initiative," the site stated.

Mckinney Bares Her Canines during Debate

Original Article

Atlanta - Johnson also charged that McKinney has "absolutely failed to deliver any meaningful legislation." He said she has introduced only 64 pieces of legislation over 12 years, and that only one passed: a measure to rename a post office." That's a pitiful record for a congresswoman," Johnson said.

McKinney rebutted by saying that has given her its highest marks among the Georgia Democratic delegation, including Rep. John Lewis.

The congresswoman appeared at ease throughout the debate, often telling the panelists she was happy they asked a particular question and flashing her wide smile. She often cut in, asking if she could respond to Johnson's charges. The former commissioner, by contrast, appeared more reserved.

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Letter to Cynthia Mckinney: Post Debate

"I want to ask a few questions. Your opponent, Mr. Johnson, has stated he had nothing to do with the landfill problem, yet you kept bringing up. You kept saying "Thank you, I'm glad you asked that question because..." It was actually quite entertaining. You need to get a new catch phrase. And you don't have to be a Republican to want the Republican's vote and support. Mr. Johnson also said he had repaid his debts so stop bringing it up too! Geez! Lastly, it was NOT a sewage spill. It was a water valve break. When you talked about that, you made it seem as if it was Mr. Johnson's fault--it had nothing to do with him. Seriously, do you ever read the newspaper?"