'Addiction transfer' seen after weight-loss surgery

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by Jane Spencer

Wall Street Journal - On the heels of a five-year boom in weight-loss surgeries, researchers are observing an unusual phenomenon: Some patients stop overeating — but wind up acquiring new compulsive disorders such as alcoholism, gambling addiction or compulsive shopping.


Nightfighter said…
Looks like the gastric bypass is nothing more than an expensive symptomatic treatment for a deeper psychicatric problem.
zen said…
Compulsive behavior is a symptom, rarely the disease. Transfer of compulsion is a common ... nearly inevitable ... aspect of abstinence, whether or not physically enforced by something like gastric bypass.

The empty place will be filled, one way or another. That's why support groups are essential for most folks.
Nightfighter said…

I can't help but feel...we will know that medicine is serious about helping those with this type of neurotic behavior when they come up with a $15,000 operation for that 'empty place'.