One day, a Democrat looked around his plantation estate where he lived and decided he wanted a change. He thought he'’d enter politics and run for President.

The campaign would be long and difficult and the Democrat stopped to reconsider his decision. He couldn'’t see any way to win the election with just his constituents. So he ran to the local Kiwanis club and then to a rotary club, all the while the Democrat thought to himself, "this is no the way to win an election."

One Sunday, The Democrat saw a preacher of a black church on TV. He watched with amazement as the Preacher bellowed at his congregation for and hour or two and afterward all the people said, "“Amen!"” He said, "“I need to get this Preacher to help me get those people'’s votes. So he went to the Preacher and said Halloo, Mr. Preacher, "“would you be so kind as to ask your people to vote for me for President?"”

Well now, Mr. Democrat! The Preacher responded, "How do I know if I try to help you, you won'’t try to take my people'’s civil rights and have them back in the cotton fields like you did in 1850 with the Fugitive Slave Law?

Well now, Preacher, "“if I repeal all your civil rights you won'’t be able to vote for me and I would be out of office. That would be bad for both of us."”

Well this seemed to make sense to the Preacher. But he asked, "what if I tell my people to vote for you and you unleash your Ku Klux Klan on them, like you did in 1872 when you voted against the Ku Klux Klan Act?"” "“This is true,"” agreed the Democrat, "“but without your votes I won'’t be able to win the election and direct any monies to your people'’s welfare rebuilding programs. You will, of course be the adminstrator of."”

"“Alright do I know you wont just wait until you are elected and forget that I helped you,"” said the Preacher.

"“Ahh..."” crooned the Democrat, "“because you see, once you'’ve helped me get elected, I will be so grateful for your help, that it would hardly be fair not to reward you with nothing, now would it?"

So the Preacher agreed to tell all the people to vote for the Democrat for President. And after the Preacher'’s Sunday sermon extolling the Democrats promises all the people said resoundingly, "“Amen!"”

Well, the Democrat won the election with 90% of the vote. And not too long after his inauguration, the Democrat forgot all about the promises that he made to the Preacher. The only programs he proposed made the people dependent on the Democrat. The people sunk further into poverty and despair. Many died for lack of knowing how to provide for themselves when the storms of life came.

"“You fool,"” screamed the Preacher, now the people are dying and have lost all faith in both of us! Why did you do that?"”

The Democrat shrugged and did a little jig as the people stoned the Democrat and the Preacher to death!

"“I could not help myself. It'’s my nature."

Inspired by the parable of the scorpion and the frog...

ht: The Carnival of Liberal's Wrongs